green business

How To Become Rich With The Greenest Concern MiniGuide

If you are really serious about making money for the next twenty or forty years of your life then no further actions as needed. The Green sector together with the Technology industry is the most profitable business that you can have. This will be explained the long way this article …


How to Make Money Out From Your Normal Life. Just A Short Guide!

Reading through the net and looking for the right solution I reclaim the idea that independence can be always the best solution for everybody. However, today in this society of this kind, independence can be very hard because I had always the impression that you have to bond to something …


Terms of Productivity for an Entrepreneur

As entrepreneur myself what I learn in my early career is the mindset that you have to change in order to achieve your targets and objectives. Discipline is your order word for success and motivation is your weapon to fight the battle. Lastly, patience is the strongest virtue you can …

Trade electronics

Trade your old electronics on Gazelle for cash with special offers and discounts

Trade is another topic that I treat under this category and this time I will recap Gazelle because of their special offers and discounts that they did recently. Those guys, they really have worked hard to make you the things simple and smooth. They dropped the price on all certified …


BCDC: The Smart Way to Invest in the Environment

As last bit from my resources in the EcoTechnology category I will introduce and speak about another smart way to get involves for safe and be an investor of the environment with the BCDC business plan. The rules are simples and the game is fun but what you have to …


The RecycleToCoin project from the BCDC business

In the last article dedicated to EcoTechnology, I introduce you another valuable innovation in cryptocurrency named Ethereum and how a company like the BCDC has managed to implement in an eco-project. Today I want to continue you what I kept interrupted for a whole week and finally let you know …


BCDC: How to Implement Blockchain Technology in Eco-Sustainability Achievements

In my article related the Bitcoin technology, I underline the beneficial you can have to adopt this technology and the benefits whose could take in terms of environmental issues and economic development. Indeed, the today’s article is about on another similar technology like Bitcoin whose benefit not just only the …


Gazelle! The right Alternative to Amazon trade-in Electronics

I found another alternative over Amazon to your old electronics in respect of the environment and to be always on the top of everybody with the last technology available on the market. Gazelle, allow you to trade-in your old PC, Mac and smartphone in exchange for cash or for a …


Second-Hand products for an Eco private consumers market

If you bump on my article is probably because you are curious about becoming a social outsider, if you keep reading my writings is probably because you want to know more about unconventional practices to live this life without worry about the aftermath of your actions simply because you know …

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