Vertical Farming, Plastic-Eating Bacteria And What Else?

Day by day and month by month, technology in the green sector update itself almost exponentially and on this article I would like reporting you the last and most relevant trends of the industry. Some of them probably you already heard about it, meanwhile other are further developments for some …


Why Is Everyone Talking About Algae And Is The Most Trending Thing Now?

Well, guys for this weekend I want to tell you about a little story from the EcoTech market in name of its last trends or update that it proposing. Algae, which it’s not so new to the Research and Development sector has come out with revolutionary innovations in terms of …


Bitcoin: the eco currency of the future

In the last article, I talk about the worries of the today present capitalist believers regarding a full conversion in a Green Economy and I highlight some point like the globalization system with its imperfections. In this article, I would like to underline and encourage the embracement to use the …


Upgrade your DIY technological skills

From over 10 years or so the awareness regarding the environmental issue has, fortunately, increasing its scene in the global market. Gradually, renewable energy has been capable to provide new jobs for everybody as well to someone who never knows what was about with updating courses or for example in …


The Unisolar Flexible Solar Panel VS the Tesla Solar Roof

What I want to talk you about today is the comparison of two eco products already well known on the market with the residential application but made with different materials. The eco products selected is the Unisolar 128 Watt Flexible Solar Panel PV Laminate and the super newly ultimate solution …


Two nice Eco products for your Life!

The today article under the EcoTechnology category is dedicated to 2 nice eco gadget technology presented and introduced at the CES (Consumer Technology Association) in Las Vegas in 2015. So, let’s say that these products are relatively old on the global market but for their innovation and green approach is …


What would you choose between a Portable Solar Generator and a Generator by Propane?

This article is dedicated to these two devices whose have the same meaning of functionality but with a different perspective and technical structure. These products are easily traceable on the market but anyway you will not need to do that because I will provide you with the links. The reason …


Eco Singularities

This article is about old and new eco-inventions selected from me because quite unconventional but innovative in their kind. I decide to call them singularities because they are unique and still not so mainstreamed in the global market. Their originality is based on their shape, functionality, applications and idea concepts. …


Clever Environmental Solutions

In this article, I want to tell you some of the environmental tech solutions out there that maybe could help you as well in the smallest form in your life. There are many options in reality but I just pick up some of them to show you what you could …

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