Welcome to all of you! My name is Stefano and I am the CEO and Founder of UNSUSTAINABILITY. I am Italian but I define myself as a citizen of the world. I decided to become an independent location person and therefore each time I will move in another country I will update my geographical status.

Over my environmental blogging activity, I develop environmental data analysis skills as a freelancer environmental scientist. I studied Environmental Science in London (UK) and Utrecht (Netherland) for about 4 years. In my life, I learn to speak and write 3 languages; Italian, English and Spanish.

I visited 16 countries on 3 different continents for work and holiday reasons but only now in my 30s I just understand how travelling is so important for me. This society full of rules and achievements to reach and accomplish like it should be almost a duty or something that you must to do. Designed by someone else and already made it as a special offer to buy before your birth. What freedom you left?

Therefore UNSUSTAINABILITY is a reality birth from a need of necessity and survival as a human being in this world and as a professional figure in this society. Life is beautiful is just how the mankind leave this life that it make it so awful and not worth it to leave. So, the best as I can to make this society a better place and satisfy my thirstiness for freedom is sharing my philosophy with you.

Climate change is a natural process already occurred for over millions of years on the planet but the human activities intensify this process as a rhythm of a machine-gun. I am not here to persuade somebody with my thoughts but indeed I am trying to make you aware that the problem is not that system in itself but how people want really be a human being.

I hope my blog will help you to clean and nourish your mind on some important topic that actually and currently happening on the planet, topics that will involve everybody without exceptions. As our body one day will ask you to pay the bill for all the things you did in the past time, this planet will do the same with us. However, it already starts to ask something back.

It’s up to you.

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