The Real Face Of The Climate Change Destruction

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Bad news from the world guys, all over the planet extreme weather has inflicted on various countries several damages. The heat-wave that we leaving right now this summer is really connected to the climate change but what is really bad is that the main media does not speak about it. Like small Swiss, most of the mainstream media they just merely reported the news of the day as like say “we just doing our job”. However, meanwhile we are here and joking around the rest of the world burn in fire.

The Hell On Earth

From Greece to Japan, from California to Sweden, from Morocco to Algeria and a long way up to the UK, fires, flood droughts have become almost at the order the day. Health is another important issue to considerate simply because we are not prepared at all. The number of deaths and the economic losses by extreme weather around the world increases their numbers year by year. Climate scientists from their count state that they never saw before values of that kind. Honestly, guys, I have looked to some graphs around the web about temperature and I can assure you that from a scientist’s point of view are fascinating but in the same time is a bit scary.

The worst is that the public is even well informed about the problem or better said that is not aware that all this mess up is directly connected to the climate change. Even considering the most prominent climate scientists opinions and declarations from the locals directly affected by these catastrophes, big media still shut it up about this obvious connection. So, blood and human life keep streaming on the roads and international political news about money and commerce are shown on the front page of newspapers. At least, the internet still not completely monopolized or monitored and blogs like mine can tell you what really going on or at least make you think a bit more than this society won’t.

However, aside of my eco-anarchist/rebellious statements the situation is getting serious here because first for an inefficiency of information deployment to the public opinion and second for underestimated the climate scientist predictions in regard of the climate change effects. Climate change is happening now and we can see in real-time the scientist’s predictions with its terrible impacts. When I say climate scientists I do not talk about me, Stefano Sgueglia that with its small blog tried to report you the best as he can from the infinite cyberspace of internet. I am talking about Prof Michael Mann, Prof Veerabhadran Ramanathan, Prof Syukuro Manabe or Prof Susan Solomon to name just a few, people that have over 20 or 30 years in the sector and in the field on their shoulders.

Said that you can find below some further reading about my article if you want to explore a bit more. I’ll see you next time then and keep fight the giant.


Unsustainability is offline…

Thanks, Doug for sharing your opinion with us. Surely, humanity has to take important decision for its future and decide of what kind of world want to live.


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