Update From The Renewable Market And Surrounded

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The world energy industry leading toward the renewable sector through partnership, collaboration, investments and conversion strategies and what we can to do is being updated and analysis the situation. We will cover this time the relationship between China and Brazil, the interesting of the giant oil companies to Renewable projects, the perspective of the North Africa for this slide of the market and a bit of Scotland and Japan. I cannot hide my dark side and therefore I will include my point of view on the situation in a moderate tone.

From China To North Africa

So, China and Brazil have a quite long partnership seen 2000 in regards of import&export for goods and resources. The USA with its global market hegemony settled after WWII has never been too much fancy with China. The two economies have clashed and today a war trade has occurred for balancing their own power. Of course, Brazil which is another country that it never is fancy with the USA has stipulated a great partnership with China in terms of exports. In exchange, China has invested quite heavily in Brazil in terms of infrastructures and renewable energy projects are on top of the pile. China with more than one billion people to manage need absolutely resources and Brazil which take the side to the countries that provide resources to the developed countries is full of it.

Travelling to Europe, Scotland seems a super prominent country for renewable energy and apparently has been estimated that by 2030, renewable energy could provide a third of the UK energy need with new offshore constructions increasing the capacity from 7GW to 30GW. -Targeted area? Scotland islands and countryside, of course – a Remote area with a low-density degree of the population for this kind of infrastructure are excellent for their functionality. The Scottish territory is harsh but for this kind of projects is a good field where working in.

Going down to South from Europe, North Africa seem targeted slowly from foreign and local enterprises. We are talking about Libya, Morocco, Egypt, Tunisia and Algeria, regions where wind and solar power are prominent to flourish in the future coming. Aside of economic situations in development and political instabilities, startup such as KarmSolar, Noor Quarzazate, Elum Energy, Sylabs and Flat6Labs Tunisia play a positive role for sort out the energy problem of their countries. If the trend will ascend for a positive growth in the renewable sector, North Africa will be a significant player for its continent. A personal note from myself, Italy will play a heavily and significant influence on this region for the future coming.

The Dark Interest Of the Oil Corporations

Lastly, Japan has another giant tech corporation from its side on adhering to the RE100 program and we are talking about to the Fujitsu. Indeed, Fujitsu in respect to the RE100 program principles will nourish all its subsidies around the globe by 2050 completely with renewable energy sources. In addition, Vitol has agreed to a contract with LowCarbon for investments in renewable energy across Europe. BP has moved US$200 million for Lightsource and acquired Chargemaster, meanwhile, Shell is moving toward NewMotion.

All of that is what for? Surviving with a new strategy of partnership and acquisition activities with the money, power and influence that you have to maintain the monopoly on the energy industry? -Until yesterday and you still doing it, you trade and sucking oil around the globe and now, what? -You become a leader in the renewable energy market. Came on, guys! Get serious and take your responsibilities, please! Yes, I am talking about BP, Shell and Vitol, firms and multinationals that for over a century they cause the acceleration for the climate change and causing irreparable damage to the Earth’s clime system and for not speaking of the rest.

I wouldn’t treat business with them, honestly, after what they have done. If I would be a startup or a company on renewable energy I would look for another kind of partnerships or asking help to the government where I live in case of trial acquisition from them. BP, Shell and the rest like them they don’t care about the fact that now they have to assume the responsibility to sort out the problem that they have created. They have to leave the new room and new space for the new players of the market, now and full stop.

We reach the end guys, I leave you the sources if you want get in depth from my article down there.

China/Brazil, Corporations, Scotland, Japan and North Africa… See you next time and don’t get lost out there.

Unsustainability is offline….

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