Wildfires, Plastic Waste And Environmental Justice Court

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As a next update for the “Pollution Category”, air pollution and plastic waste remaining at the top on our list of attention or what the media make on most from the web. India, USA and Europe seem the area more affected together with some points on South Asia. People’s health is who have to pay the most of this terrible calamity and the justice courts together with the global giants franchising around the globe are the main actors to tackle this problem. So then, without indulge, let’s see what have coming up from the media and the worldwide industry.

Plastic Waste And Franchising

Regarding plastic waste and microplastic production as consequence, franchising such as Starbucks, Pick n Pay and Spar have partially contained the problem with biodegradable products. For example, Starbucks has become strawless through biodegradable drinkable lead, instead. Pic n Pay and Spar have engaged with a similar manoeuvre their customers with biodegradable or 100% recycled plastic bags rewards. The main target for these actions is targeting the changed behaviour of the customer toward a more and greeny attitude. Maintain the same client satisfaction, efficiency and of course the same profit for it – Which is not bad at all I think.

Air Pollution And Justice Court

Air pollution is becoming a hell of a problem for the area who I described above. In the USA of the North West, for example, wildfire provoked from the rising temperature and to the opposite side of the USA power plants, they start to be a spine in the back for the Americans. Wildfires it’s because release micro-particulate that can be inhaled from the citizens of the confederation and making worse the air pollution level. Meanwhile, the power plants located in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio, Pennsylvania and West Virginia has worsened the air pollution level in Maryland and specifically on Delaware. Europe by its count and in spite of its advancements on renewable energy investments still overwhelmed by high air pollution levels, such as London that for the second time have failing its target on Environmental Impact Assessment.

Moving to East, India which is highly affected by air pollution it starting to take a serious attitude and awareness of the problem. On a recent justice court in Delhi-NCR regarding the use of pet coal as a fuel for the industries in the country without a proper investigation before its introduction, the interrogation has followed:

“You seem very keen to allow the import of pet coke. Were you earlier allowing import of pet coke in the country without even conducting the study? The other day newspapers reports said that 60,000 people died due to pollution. What are you doing? People are dying in the city due to the huge amount of pollution,” the bench of justice said.

“We don’t know whether the newspaper report is correct or a fake news. But your reports have also earlier indicated that people have lost lives due to pollution,” the bench of justice said again.

Additional Solicitor General A N S Nadkarni, appearing for the (Ministry of Environment and Forests) MoEF said a report of the Environment Pollution Control Authority (EPCA) says “the Ministry is over-enthusiastic but it is not correct. What’s wrong with conducting the study and having a discussion with them (EPCA)?”

To this, the bench said “Let us be very clear. The people of this country are more important than the industries”.

I LOVE IT! As I finished reading the interrogation I follow in love with this statement.  A small lesson to learn here or maybe better said a suggestion. An environmental agency or the Ministry of the Environment it should be considerate with the same importance that we considerate the Ministry of Economy for any countries. It’s the first shield for natural resources and most importantly the first bell for the citizen’s health. In addition, corruption and speculation will be applied and for that, no policy body or special departments can stop that. The hearth’s men it’s weak to the power and depends from that if it decide to become stronger and hold on its selfish desire.

Unsustainability is offline…

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