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If you are really serious about making money for the next twenty or forty years of your life then no further actions as needed. The Green sector together with the Technology industry is the most profitable business that you can have. This will be explained the long way this article and for the newcomers, I recommend you to keep an eye on it. We are not joking around here. If you are fancy and you want to use your smartphone for recording yourself meanwhile you washing your teeth or play games, go on YouTube and open a channel because I don’t give a damn if you gain millions of dollars per year. Surely, you are not going to change this society. Don’t bother us. We are real, legitimate and most of all professionals.

These Are The Reasons Of Why You Have To Choose The Green Model

Said that, let’s start with the main reason why we should choose the Green sector as a new business concept. The shortest and simplest answer is the “loss of values”. What do I mean by that? Well, we left in a neoliberalism era and with the advent of the globalization, money has become on top of everything. Ethics and morality have been overpassed and the regulatory factors for the economy’s behaviour vanish. The aftermath was a massive overproduction economy guided by the money flow only and not anymore from the population needs. Exhausting the natural resources because not in line with the regeneration time.

The best way to reactivate this principle of ethics with the current technology and lifestyle rate is the integration of green concepts in any kind of entrepreneurship. Anything that we are going to do have to be responded to something else and in our case, we have to respond to the Earth’s system. The electricity that you consume, the water that you going to drink or the new toy that you will buy for your kids. Anything has to be taken into consideration and these are the best opportunities and the best time that you can have right now. We are in the most important century of the humanity where we can take back our dignity and progress to a new level of evolution.

The secondary reason because starting any kind of business in the Green sector is the tendency of trends in the innovation. Renewable energy, electric and driverless cars, Blockchain technology, green rooftop and vertical gardening, sustainable construction materials and 3D printing, healthy and organic food, Virtual Reality, recycling and biotechnology, permaculture and A.I. These are the trends that you have to look for and I even concluded the list. Integrate the Green concept on any kind of business today, I can say from what I assisted until now, that is not more an option but has become a must.

So far so good guys. I leave you then to an amazing weekend and I will see you next week. Keep fight the giants and don’t get lost out there.

Unsustainability is offline…

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