Cleaning Maybe Will Not Be The Same Any More After That!

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I was reading one of my old articles under the Health&Fitness category and specifically, the “Cleaning seem as dangerous as smoking or maybe worst” and I thought to suggest you a solution for it. So I have looked for some legit product out there that was reliable and trustful for your health and also for the environment. What I found is something simple and easy to use in your everyday life that also will help you to save some money if you do some math on it.

Cleaning Can Be Healthy If We Use The Right Product

The product that I want to talk about it’s basically a towel that can substitute all the cleaning products that you have at home and is washable just by water. This towel is not just a simple towel because it made by a densify Nano-texture that dramatically increase its absorption capacity. The material is formed by thousands of microfiber that trap any kind of dirt such as dust, liquids or makeup products. Imagine having a small black hole in your hand that attracts everything: this towel work more or less with the same concept. Of course, do not imagine using it when you repairing your car because with all that oil and grease will not work but you can use this product for home-use instead of paper towel, sponges and the normal cleaning products.

Another reason because I suggested you the NanoTowel is because they collaborate with the Trees for the Future. Trees for the Future is a public charity with environmental purposes that is around from 1989. They mainly provide planting and replanting trees service on world area where deforestation and poverty have devastated the local economy. The partnership between those two entities is through WaterLiberty which is the company where you can make your purchase that will allow the planting of a tree on your behalf for each NanoTowel that you will buy.

Unfortunately, I didn’t try the product personally but reading through and researching about it for me it seems valid and reliable. Also for not to be happy I checked the Social presence of the Trees for the Future in order to verify their identity and I confirm you their legitimacy. In addition, I wish to tell you about this product also because have multiple impacts on the environment in terms of reduction of personal carbon footprint, revitalization of forests and reduction of water use.

What I suggest you is to purchase the single pack that include 4 towels ($20) and if happy about the experience, purchase then the 2 or 6 special packs with 8 or 24 towels. You can purchase that from the links provided in my article and let me earn a small commission or you can buy from yourself separately. I don’t mine guys, really. I am not here for making money on you. You know that my services are others and my website still in working progress. Stay tuned and don’t get lost out there.

Unsustainability is offline…

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