This Is The Adrian Grenier Story And His Fight For The Environmental Protection

Adrian Grenier
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Hello guys and I am really sorry but I am one article behind this week but I try my best to satisfy you. However, as a first article for the Green Celebrities Series, I will start with the actor and producer Adrian Grenier. Because of the time available and because of mine small popularity I didn’t reach personally Adrian for an interview and therefore I made a light research on him in regards of his effort for the environment. Of course, guys don’t expect a gossip article because you are not on a gossip website (for that you can go on the Perez Hilton website because that’s not my staff hahaha).

Here The Story Begin For Adrian

Well, the environmental adventure of Adrian starts in 2010 when he founded with his business partner Peter Glatzer the The concept idea is the establishment of a platform based on lifestyle criteria and sustainability in terms of art, filmmaking and entertainment. Based on the website here the definition of the platform:

“SHFT is a lifestyle platform founded by film producer Peter Glatzer and actor-filmmaker Adrian Grenier. Our mission is to convey a more sustainable approach to the way we live through film, design, art and food. It takes a lot to make a movement on the quotidian level.  As filmmakers who are concerned with climate change, we felt that we could bring something creative to express the changes we wanted to see and were, gratefully, starting to observe.  We feel that film, design, art and food are powerful and inspiring ways to convey this narrative.  That SHFT was our particular tool to tell this story. We also embrace the idea that consumers have the power to make a change.  Businesses respond to the demand of their customers.  SHFT celebrates the burgeoning sustainable marketplace where great design and innovation meet.  We vote with our dollars and can have a powerful impact when we do. Finally, we wanted to explore the idea that “environmentalism” as a movement, as a separate category, has become anathema.  Sustainability should be folded into the fabric of our lives, a part of our consciousness that touches everything we do.  It should be reflected in our culture, our art, our music and design, and nudge us further towards the sustainable direction in which we’re inevitably headed.”

Always with the, Adrian with Peter has founded the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture in 2014. This farm is located in New York and is a kitchen program classroom for children design for the environmental awareness in regards to health based on food consumption.

Adrian Grenier Become An International Environmental Advocate

In 2015, Adrian jump from local to an international level with a further collaboration with the Tech giant computer company DELL. Adrian, covering now the DELL’s First Good Social Advocate has helped the company in promoting and supporting the 2020 Legacy Of Good Goals. Essentially, the 2020 DELL program is sustainability scheme established from DELL whose engage actively and respecting its terms such e-waste recycling, construction with sustainable materials and so on. Here a little clip about Adrian:

Over than that, Adrian has participated always in collaboration with DELL in New York in the initiative Tech Takeback. Tech Takebak was a promotional collection of e-waste such as old computers or unused electronics in favour of the recycle or upcycle process. Here another clip of the activity:

In the same year 2015, Adrian always in collaboration with DELL has launched the Lonely Whale program that in 2016 becomes first a Virtual Reality device with the purpose of a first-person marine environment experience. Of course, the scope of the device was mainly the emphasis for the protection of the oceans and marine life. And then a contest named the Legacy of Good Short Documentary Film Contest for further increase the attention on the circular economy model. Lastly, Adrian decides to co-found the Lonely Whale Foundation for the protection of the marine environment.

In addition to that, Adrian as an environmental advocate has attended and participated first in December 2015 to the COP 21 talks in Paris with Sylvia Earle and Dr Jane Goodall and then on the World Environment Day 2017 for the United Nations Environment Programme as Ambassador for his effort to the cause. About that there is below a small video on his talk for that day.

That’s it! This is the Adrian Grenier story and his incredible effort for the protection of the environment. See you next time and don’t get lost out there.

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