Vertical Farming, Plastic-Eating Bacteria And What Else?

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Day by day and month by month, technology in the green sector update itself almost exponentially and on this article I would like reporting you the last and most relevant trends of the industry. Some of them probably you already heard about it, meanwhile other are further developments for some popular company on the market. However, what is important is always to be updated and aware of what we have around because the world move and move as well fast.

What To Take In Consideration For the Moment

As a starter and (I think) most relevant for the field is the discovery of plastic-eating bacteria capable to digest plastic in the fastest way than Mother Nature normally do in hundreds of years. These bacteria provide an enzymatic action that accelerates the degradation process of plastic waste. It’s not new because the first discovered was in Japan but for that moment was just an idea at embryotic level. Instead, this time can be a reality and also another gift from nature to us because apparently these bacteria have not been created in a lab by humans but in a recycle centre in Japan naturally.

I hope that this technology will not be used as an excuse by the petrol companies to incentive their operations. In other words, they can show that technology as a final solution to the plastic waste problem and keep maintain their business as usual.

Keep speaking about companies, another popular company in the world such as DELL have revolutionized its environmental policy or better saying, maintain its environmental effort. Therefore, we talking about of more recycle e-waste materials to other DELL’s item products. For example, the packaging for the XPS 13 is made from ocean-bound plastic and the energy intensity of its devices will be reduced from 60% to 80% by 2020. As a giant tech company, it was my wish to disclose it in the article because it merits for its effort seen 2013.

Lastly, vertical farming has taken recently a quite leap of interesting in the market and especially in the Green sector. Vertical farming or plants cultivated such is Serra but with a better efficiency, faster production and richer in nutrients. The main player is the Eden Green Technology, first startup of its kind to make remarkable target by estimation on covering food production at the regional level in the USA. Of course, the progression of their mission it should be the worldwide level and sort out the famine problem in the world but a long way to run still in front of them.

Here we go guys! For the older and for the younger, keep reading and keep update. Everything change and sometimes we don’t even notice that. See you next week and don’t get lost out there.

Unsustainability is offline…

Stefano Sgueglia’s English is so poor – to the point of being incomprehensible in many places – that it would have been much better for this article to have been professionally translated before it was posted here.

Thank you, Erik, for let me know, that. I try my best to satisfy an international audience. As soon as I can I will upgrade important factors on my website such as the translator plugin for a better understanding of my contents. I am really sorry about the inconvenience. I wish you a lovely day. Stefano

Thanks, Vincent. As soon as I can I will update some linkable sources on the article. Thanks for spending your valuable time reading the post and I wish you a lovely day.

Thank you very much Ruud for the support. The message is the most important aspect of the article. I am glad to hear a positive feedback from someone. Thanks again!


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