As A Weapon For Your Rights And As A Choice For Your Life. So Dangerous But So Powerful.

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In those days of desperate salvation for our humanity in which climate change, but more by our same actions, destroy the planet. Where day by day everything becomes more and more a luxury than a normal necessity for the human life. On which everything becomes more and more superficial and less transparent, where nobody wants to be second anymore to anybody because everybody thinks to be so talented. The entire world slips completely away from our eyes. However and fortunately someone with a superior consciousness tries to remind people that sometime they should remember that they are not anyone.

It’s A up To You And No Body Else

But what’s it reminds for me is the obstacle that everybody won’t affront because afraid of their self in a nature of completely posing. This is a reality that we know today and we don’t deny ours’ action per misery or compassion. We living our small universe made it from our little things and we are afraid to become something else based on wishes that we can never have. In spite of that, reasonable accountants of what you can follow are divided by a thin line of irresponsible consumption and conscious production.

But in my whole philosophy almost incomprehensible today because it’s blind from this dream life that media, singers and succeeded people procrastinate you, every day, every month, every year, without stopping for a minute. Rendering your mind a sink of dirty and putrid water in which you can even split on it. Pollution has to be manipulated against the market and against of that irresponsible production.

Because pollution is a product of fertility of this capitalistic market that educates a human subject more to a product than a critical individual. Pollution can be used as a weapon of defence and offence for us, common people. If you want you can destroy this market of mediocrity and inhumanity with your will. I could sound destructive but if you want to take a position on this fight you have to take decisions.

Let them try what this mean all this plastic in the ocean, all this dirty air that we breathe every day, all this trash that in the landfill cover our land. To them or to these “elite”, founders of this technocracy era in which we leaving let them try with their same decisions what it mean leaving in a polluted planet. A simple march on the street does not sort out the problem. We need single actions to targeted people and let them try what mean leaving every day, as we do, in a polluted world against their luxury and careless to others. We are 7 billion. Think about that. To these “elite” of people that I won’t represent and they don’t represent me.

Unsustainability is offline…

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