How to Make Money Out From Your Normal Life. Just A Short Guide!

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Reading through the net and looking for the right solution I reclaim the idea that independence can be always the best solution for everybody. However, today in this society of this kind, independence can be very hard because I had always the impression that you have to bond to something or someone else. For the named reason before I will suggest you from my mare opinion few ways to leave completely independent or better said decentralized from this strict system in which we leaving today.      

Here A Little Introduction

So over and right now I know already in some way about of what you think in regard to this concept that in many ways can be really complicated. However, technology advancements and digital networking have expanded our opportunities for the better. Of course, we will think also to your current situation because the access to some services is not probably for everyone and for everywhere. In spite of that, fortunately, there are few solutions that could be helpful for your consumption and production in terms of domestic usage.

I always try to help more the single individual than a business in itself because one day in the coming future… let’s face it, everything will be automated. Therefore, society has a main and unique symbol for its consistency and continuity… a family. The family is a symbol of peace and community that governments and the system have really a good look at it. The reason is that you have involved other individuals in your activity. As an agreement stipulated with your partner, you have the compulsory lifetime engagement with what did you created… a community.

The Country where you living look at you as source and full for its economy but what you can do on your independence is a self-activity. What I mean by that and why? Well, I am a traveller and therefore I have few things to myself and I don’t need all that comforts that normally someone needs when is settle. However, let’s imagine that I am settling with a family somewhere in the world.

This Is The Start Of What You Looking For

So, I should have a house for my wife with two kids and also a garden. If I can’t just a medium/big size flat. With that as you know, there are expensive such as bills for electricity, food, a school for the kids and so on. So, how can you make money out of your normal living? Well, there are few options that maybe you already know and maybe I already told you about it in my last articles.


For example, energy is easy because if you can you have the possibility to produce your own energy with wind and solar devices. You don’t need to have a contract with some company because energy is already there, for you and for free. You get also battery storage for conserving the energy produced in excess and use it when you need it. In addition, there are companies such as Power Ledger that allow you to sell the energy that you produce to your neighbourhood and make money on it.


Food waste is another important source of money to really considerate because is every day available. You have to just buy some composting bin and the awareness where to sell the finished compost to some local business. Also, composting can be made with different techniques such as anaerobic, bokashi, trench and so on. You have to just choose what is more convenient for you and what you compost of course.


Recycling materials are also money for you. There are businesses out there that make billions a year through recycling why don’t make something out as well for you. Plastic, paper, glasses and metals such as aluminium is like gold for you, guys. These are materials that we use every day in our lives and we waste them continuously. Instead to collected for the State we can keep it for our self and sell it to some local recycler business as private (always if is possible or they let you do it).


Last Thoughts

Of course guys this is a general guide with general lines for having a general idea of what you can to do for making some money out of your daily routine. I didn’t report in details where you can have these arrangements because I have an international audience. Therefore for me, it could be a bit hard to help everybody.

However, apply those ideas or just some of them to your normal routine time could make you some money in your pocket. Of course, before starting you have to arrange a plan and some organisation for that but if you manage to have settled all, I don’t want to be exaggerating, but you could have just a part-time job and you will be fine for the rest of your life.

So, that’s all guys! I hope you enjoy the article and I hope to help you a bit with your life. You are always welcome to leave your opinion in the comment section below. I’ll see you next time then and don’t get lost out there.

Unsustainability is offline…

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