Is The Human-Force Concept Could Revolutionize The Fitness Industry? Check This Out Then!

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Well, well, well guys, here again with another weekly appointment with your crazy scientist blogger Italian Stefan. Today, what we are going to talk about it is Fitness in terms of energy resources and consumption matter. This means that who is going to Gym weekly form years to years it know exactly how important it is the equipment. Where is come from the energy needed for all these machines in the Gym ready and clean for you? And if would be just by human-power? Would you like that?

Renewable Energy By Human-Power Workout Machine

Well in regards to that some location around the globe they already provide this kind of service for the benefit of the environment. Locations such as London, Hong Kong and Portland have some nice Gym out there for pumping up your muscles and also the environment. The human-power energy force it’s not a new concept but it’s nice to re-cup it for the newcomers. How they do for making this in reality? Well, the simplest explanation that I can provide you to let you understand better this mechanism is this one: they usually connecting their machines such as bicycles to converting energy generators that through the human-power force pedalling produces electricity.

The same concept can be applied to the Treadmill machine and other single muscle lift machine such as for workout your back only. Very interesting I may say. Indeed, this energy concept has taken also in action for few disco clubs that with the people kinetic energy dancing movement could engine through the dance floor the entire place. Basically, you enjoy as much as you can, literally.

However, returning to our fitness update the human-force concept, in addition, provides also energy to the small businesses nearby that Gym. Because this system provides an excessive energy amount sometimes but can be redistributed to other businesses through a network provider. Of course, this extra service that you provide has an economic return. It’s not just for a life glory because we leaving in a money-based society. So, I think that you like the idea.

Last thought – there is a limited availability out there providing this kind of service because as I said before few Gyms in big cities around the globe have this special treatment. However, you can always spread the world and enlarge this knowledge to somebody else for free. United we can always make a change and let me know what you think about it.

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