Is The Human-Force Concept Could Revolutionize The Fitness Industry? Check This Out Then!

Well, well, well guys, here again with another weekly appointment with your crazy scientist blogger Italian Stefan. Today, what we are going to talk about it is Fitness in terms of energy resources and consumption matter. This means that who is going to Gym weekly form years to years it …


Green Celebrities Special Edition Series. Who, What, Where And When! Everything You Want To Know From Now And On

That’s right guys, what I want to tell you today on this article is more an announcement that a specific topic. However, I take this decision because I thought that maybe was better for everybody to know the general lines. I will make a list of the greener and eco-celebrities …

fashion sustainable

What In The Fashion Industry Happen For The Sustainability Actions In 2018!? Here is what you can expect!

What are the last steps of the big names out there for the sustainable fashion? Well, surfing on the net apparently the big trend of all coming is the FIFA World Cup 2018 but based on my research there is almost nothing in regards of sustainable fashion. However, other aspects …


Why Is Everyone Talking About Algae And Is The Most Trending Thing Now?

Well, guys for this weekend I want to tell you about a little story from the EcoTech market in name of its last trends or update that it proposing. Algae, which it’s not so new to the Research and Development sector has come out with revolutionary innovations in terms of …

eco tourist

The Most Eco Tourist Places On Earth With Their Cheapest Alternatives By Continents

As you know already living in a city can be quite stressful for most of us and at some point you need to switch off the plug. That’s why I am here to write for you the best eco-tourist places on Earth that you can visit. In addition to that, …

Milan Design Week 2018

Learn The Truth About Milan Design Week 2018 In The Next 60 Seconds

I know guys but for this article, I am quite late because this event it went off already by two weeks off circa. However, I have to cover this event under my Design category because is my duty for me report you the most relevant eco-design innovation for this year. …


What’s So Trendy About The Ocean That Everyone Went Crazy Over It?

Ocean! Pollution! Wildlife! Plastic! All of these words are well heard around the web and on the major newspaper around the world. Suddenly, an incredible attention has risen in regard to the Ocean world with all the related aspects that involve on its processes. Why happen this just only now? …

Climate Change

Understand The Background Of Climate Change Now

Understanding what climate change could do to you, to your family and to your entire life is something that in somehow you can predict. Climate change it’s not just a natural event occurred and accelerated by human activities but also a factor that will change you, personally, forever. On this …

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