Arctic in the Middle of the Battle for Oil “last resource”

Arctic and Drilling
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Arctic environment has recently worried and alarmed scientists around the globe. The delicate ecosystem of “Ice-Kingdom” has been quite a troublemaker for Europe, the USA and the South East Asia countries. The recently extreme weather and recurring anomalies in temperature have taken a considerable attention from the public. More than that, Oil companies compete with each other for the last few matches of the century.

Arctic in danger under drilling activities

News around the web talking about and I can confirm you that are not speak-of-mouth. The Arctic is seriously under attack now and in the future coming. Partially by the Global Warming and a role of games between high pressure and the jet stream, Ice sheets are melting faster than predicted. This year has recorded the warmest winter in the Arctic never registered before. People from Alaska have already noticed these changes in patterns by the formation of thin Ice sheets.

All of this has provoked extreme events and changes in temperatures between the countries in the North Hemisphere. The UK has freeze and still freezing, meanwhile, Rome is covered with white cold snow. This year, February has been really but really mad. This is the aftermath of the Ice sheets melting in the Arctic. Over than that (and now we arrive at the point of the article), oil companies have to start to raise their interesting in the Arctic environment. In search of oil… and this is going to be really bad.

Why oil companies raise they’re interested, just now? Well guys, apparently from the sources where I looking for, because of the Ice sheets retreatment, drilling operations are easier than before now. The lands and waters of the Arctic, without Ice covers, are surely more accessible for any boats around the globe. This means specifically that oil companies now they can quietly navigate to the Arctic Sea and start drilling, wherever they want, smoking a cigarette and wearing a jumper.


This is going bad, guys. Over than this, the fishery is another problem rising in the event. If drilling oil starts in the Arctic, this means that new territories are available for everybody and therefore new resources. You know what is going to happen, right? If some boat starts its work, more and more like them will come. That’s a fact in the human history and you can see this when they discovered the American continent.

Unsustainability is offline…

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