Health treated by global pollution and fisheries degradation

health and pollution
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Health of the mankind has never been treated so much as right now from environmental data-set. The awareness and the concerning depletion of resources around the globe are the main worried for the economists. Meanwhile, health problems by pollution are the real deal for the citizens of many countries in the world. The connection between those two poles is the unsustainability of the economic growth at global scale.

Health in the 2018 Environmental Performance Index

The Yale University produced from the Centre for Environmental Law & Policy the 2018 Environmental Report Index. Showing the actual health status in 180 countries around the globe based on pollution performance based under two criteria.

Tracking two fundamental dimensions of sustainable development: (1) environmental health, which rises with economic growth and prosperity, and (2) ecosystem vitality, which comes under strain from industrialization and urbanization.

As in the Center for International Earth Science Information Network by the Earth Institute | Columbia University the figure above has explained so:

“Switzerland is ranked first in environmental performance, followed by France, Denmark, Malta, and Sweden. In 2016, France and Sweden also made the top five.

In spite of strong scores on sanitation and air quality, the United States places only 27th in the 2018 EPI, thanks to weak performance on deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions, among other issues. This puts the United States near the back of the industrialized nations, behind France (2nd), the United Kingdom (6th), Germany (13th), Japan (20th), and Canada (25th).

Of the large emerging economies, China and India rank 120th and 177th respectively, due to pressures on the environment from high population densities and rapid economic expansion.

“The strain on resources from past and current population growth, and the challenges of raising two billion people out of poverty, has meant that these countries face particular challenges,” according to co-author Alex de Sherbinin, associate director for science applications at CIESIN. “From nitrogen pollution, inadequate waste water treatment, air pollutant emissions and concentrations, China and India face severe environmental challenges.”

The report finds that fisheries continue to deteriorate in most countries, and air pollution—a problem largely “solved” in advanced developed countries—is still a critical problem in many developing countries, especially in India, China, and Pakistan. And some countries are failing to address critical problems. Deforestation, for example, has been a significant issue for Indonesia, Malaysia, and Cambodia for the past five years, reflecting broad policy failures, according to the report.”

The unsustainability of the economic growth

In other words, what is wrong in the global environmental model described above is the social model applied in the system. Human health that saturates by economic advancement it’s not sustainable and it predictable think that the depletion of primary resources is accentuated in undeveloped countries only. An enormous difference in exchange rate between developed and undeveloped countries allow that.

Primary countries from Europe or the USA they have to take from someone else the resources they need for their fast economies and the question remain always the same “How can we survive to that?”

That’s a question related to another article of mine always under this category and the personal question for me is another “Why Stefan you worried so much of a world that don’t given a shit about you?” Maybe because I want to do my part, as well if little, as well if doesn’t make any change but at least I tried.

What is the question for you, instead? Let me know if you feel so and share your opinions in the comment below. Thanks for reading guys and see you until the next time.

Unsustainability is offline…

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