Forest as an element of urban restoration in low-income buildings

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Forest installed in a building as a primary element of renovation in the urban scenario of the big and medium city in the world. After the green-roof, the professionals of the eco-design point out their skills for the vertical forest. In this case, what we talking about is Stefano Boeri who designed vertical forests around the world and for a while now. So, let’s begin and enjoy the reading!

Forest as a symbol of hope and prosperity in the four corners of the world

The green urbanization concept is now a well-known trend in the sector and between professionals. In this concept, the vertical forest idea is an innovative perspective in the introduction of a green environment in a saturated urban scenario. Over than that, possibly in its applications, the vertical forest could be a privilege for many now thanks to Stefano Boeri.

Stefano Boeri is an Italian architect who has worked in multiple places on earth in order to install and design vertical forest. Some example of his works and future projects is the Nanjing Green Tower in China, the Bosco_Verticale in Milan, the Antwerp urban tower in Belgium or the Foret Blanche in France.

The remarkable work that I want to underline in this article is the Trudo Vertical Forest Tower in Netherland and precisely in Strijp-S (Eindhoven). In addition, to being green and sustainable in its function is also having another privilege for the first time. In fact, the Turdo Vertical Forest will be available for low-income families and low social class for the first time as reported @inhabitat.

The Trudo Vertical Forest will be 246 foot (74.98m) tall with 5200 plants and 125 trees. Inside the building, 125 units will be located which they will cover 50 square meters for having in each of them 1 tree, 20 shrubs and 4square meter of terrace. If you don’t wish a pretentious life I think that this is a great job for low-income housing, don’t you think!?

Well, that’s all guys! This is it for this week! I wish you a lovely Sunday and rest well. Don’t forget to leave your opinion on the section comment below if you want to. I’ll see you next time

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