Birds as a threatened species by oil and renewable companies

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Birds as a fact of matter respond to their migratory behaviour from climate and food conditions. Regarding that, the last news I read on Conservation in 2017 was the Trump decision to change the Migratory Bird Treaty Act (MBTA) @mathernaturenetwork. Such news as an opening for my Conservation category in 2018!

Birds as catalytic reactor for human actions and environmental impact

Well, Trump as a good businessman and politician have play games again with everybody for his and for their friend’s profits. The MBTA in the USA was a historical law from the 1918 denouncing energy companies the responsibility of the accidental death of birds. The penalty of the case was or a $15000 payment or 6 months in jail. Now, the responsibility of these victims vanished because of another political administration.

So, let’s make bigger the picture and let’s thinks in worldwide terms. The MBTA law, in my opinion, is controversial because you can accuse an energy company of some accidental fact that could occur in their working processes. Surely, they have to pay the damages if something happens.  At the same time, MBTA law is surely a protection for birds and an incentive motivator to the energy companies in order to raise their attention and precaution as an extra alert in their working days.

Now, human society needs energy for everything and every day but at the same time in a natural environment, any part of an ecosystem is intelligibly connected to each other. Therefore, if someone falls everybody we have to fall, no matter what and let’s make this clear.

What can we learn here?

Gary, a member of my community in Google+ have suggested to the problem topic, collaboration and geothermal stations. That’s a good start point! Thanks, Gary to be with us. In technical details, we speak about of a better relationship between energy companies, solar, wind or oil (as well if the last in the list they will disappear in 10/20 years) and the conservation associations funds of the area of action.

Ask information or a consultancy, for example regarding birds migratory roads to some wildlife conservation funds of the area interested before the builds of a power station it could be helpful. An environmental consultant it should know that if it works for an energy company. If they decide to build in big scale they should have a “think tank” before they start building. I hope that this is taken into account and they already included. Or, do you prefer to keep builds in such selfish way?

What do you think? Let me know your opinion in the comment section below and thanks for reading my post!

Unsustainability is offline…

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