Media telecommuting abolished Climate Change topic on governmental website

Madia and fakeness
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Media! What news to start the New Year in regards to the one most important argument on the globe, Climate Change. Apparently, seen the Trump presidency a number of governmental website in the great United States of America has radically changed or wiped out Climate Change information.

Media and communication in the digital era of the Climate Change

As it is and as it now the misinformation of sources by media and political parties is exponentially infinite guided by petrol companies in order to save their faces. Such a mess and such a loss of time and resources for hiding the simple truth of facts that nobody can’t deny!

During the first year of Trump presidency contents of different nature from Climate Change and related such as renewable energy, pollution, land and water losses management or ocean analysis are been completely changed during the time. Content completely modified with words and sentenced to avoid blame and responsibilities.

From 50 years the petrol companies have been hiding to us the truth regarding Climate Change in spite of the advice from the international scientific community. However, as well if the truth is now wide open to the masses and at least if there is not a completely full action, people are aware of what they going to live.

In spite of that, they still in recurring in manipulation media messages with obsolete techniques to change what the facts show to you. No worries, no indulge, no fear, we are the 97% consensus fighting every day for informing you as best as we can the reality of facts. As best as we can we tell you what is real and what is not because we believe in you.

This source is taken from Grist and these are the American governmental departments with modified contents and missing scientific resources in regards to Climate Change:

Media or not these are the facts that you have the right to know and do something about that if you want. This is Unsustainability and I write you the truth for you and for whoever wants to listen. I’ll leave you then and I will see you next week.

Unsustainability is offline…

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