Technology in Renewable Energy Listed for the Beginning Year 2018

renewable technology
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Technology in 2018 seems to promise hope and progression for the planet and to the humanity. Therefore, last time I wrote an article on the renewable energy biggest events occurred in 2017. This time I will try to recap the most significant form of technologies adopted in 2017 for the general public and from us. Stay tuned and don’t lose yourself!

Technology with Elon Musk, China, Australia and international collaborations

The massive shifting that most of the biggest companies on Earth have made it has surely take renewable technology a step ahead. The first climate warning by 2050 is closer day by day and philanthropist millionaire such as Elon Musk or Michael Bloomberg, together with governments and multinationals acts in name of the justice and progression.

In name of progression and throughout technology these people have been fortunately capable to do amazing things for their-self, for us and for the planet. Yeaaa, there is always a profit behind it, I know, I know guys but at least this is really for a common benefit. A mean, after all, they make money on us! Like almost a symbiotic relationship with the exception that we can stay without them. However, this is another discussion.

Getting back to our line-up of the post I will list down here the most significant renewable technology developments occurred in 2017 as an opening shot for 2018:

  • Giga-factories: paladin Elon Musk directly from the “PayPal mafia” he let dream us for a while with his power-houses, electric cars and power battery stations from Australia to Puerto Rico and further away.
  • Float-solar plants: technology of this kind requires huge investments and huge space for the achievement and in spite of that, Chinese followed by India have made this possible and real.
  • Reproductive energy-road system: as well if it’s not so popular and recognized like the Giga-factories of Elon Musk and others, this technology merit to be mentioned for its innovation in transforming kinetic energy produced from us, in our everyday life, in electricity for daily usage. An example of it is Netherland and some location of South East Asia.
  • Renewable technology integration: startup around the world in the era of the entrepreneurship step forward with emergent innovation such renewable-standing-station capable to harvesting water or collecting and storing solar-wind energy meanwhile we waiting for our bus, for example.

What 2018 will promise to all of us will be just a mystery and an exciting waiting that will surely take us an incredible year full of surprises. That’s all, guys! I will see you on Saturday, then! Opinions and comments are always welcome.

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