Waste make big moves and revolutions for 2018

Waste. Junkyard.
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Waste can be a problem but also a great opportunity to make money on it. Especially in those days in which the health of the planet has been widely recognized from more and more nations around the world. However, speculation and money laundering is a great business for the investors of the sector and the recycling companies. Our agenda for today take notes of some big change taking effect from 2018. Stay on alert!

Waste in China and Kenya take a considerable change for everybody

Waste in Asia and Africa is almost overwhelming because of the waste discharge from the western countries. For example, China for decades has taken the responsibility to recycle almost all the USA rubbish. From other hands, Kenya who provides recycling jobs in the whole Great African Lake region and in the production of the single-use plastic bag has decided to make a change.

As we learned from this society how to have the right to speak and fight for our decision through accumulated power, China and Kenya have responded so. As well if junkyards can have its attraction but at the same time its dangerous for the environment and for us, like the one in Kaufdorf (Swiss) and the one in Tucson (Arizona). African and Chinese people have a choice a different perspective.

In fact, China has declared and stated that will not receive any more waste to recycle from western Countries or Countries outside from the Chinese territory. This decision will be taken in effect from 2018 and will be a huge problem for everybody. The Chinese government to save the health of their citizens have incurred in this action that will have enormous consequences for the foreign countries such as accountability of the citizen, capitals loose and different planning of adaptation.

Regarding Kenya, waste has become a big problem for the Country who has decided together with UN to completely ban the plastic bag at single use. For example, fines from $19000 to $38000 will occur for whoever will import single-use plastic bags.  A harsh and extreme action: maybe the first of its kind but necessary for sort out the problem.

That’s it, guys! This is my last super squeeze concentrate post news of the year. I wish to all of you a wonderful new year full of hope, emotions and big changes. Don’t forget your opinions in the section below and from here I am taking off.

Unsustainability is offline….

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