Air, soil and water pollution in the era of the “Greenification” of the human society

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Air pollution has been a big problem for a while from Europe to the USA and from China to India as well. This was just the remaining of a little angle to promote from the media around the web. Soil and water pollution are also facts to count and must take into consideration. What regulations and legislative actions have to take to tackle this behaviour maybe falls under the responsibility of a conscious production? 

Air polluted with chemicals from soil flushed in the water of the oceans

The air which we breathe every day in our life as basic need of necessity in order to exist is contaminated from our own actions. The water that we drink, that we use to wash our self and that we use to clean and work for different tasks in our everyday life it’s not purer of the air that we breathe. And in the end, soils that we cultivate, that we work, walking on top of it, covered with concrete, smashed, remodelled and cracked until is ready for our wishes is contaminated a well.

Who do you want to blame and what can you do about it? Oil and coal companies aware of these facts for their profits they pushed forwards anyway their business actions. From the other hands, single citizens, unaware or excused from their powerless or careless they just living their life like they do every day.

Chemical products and toxic materials released every day in the air, water and soil of the planet for a madness massive production that it does not need at all. In name of money, in name to make jobs and in name of the progress, meanwhile the future it flying away in front of our eyes.

However, human health has been threatened by pollution that makes more victims per years than AIDS, war, smoking, hunger and natural disasters. So actions have been taken. Developed countries such as European nations or the USA have contained in somehow these effects. Meanwhile, countries in development they still need to formulate a strategy because of lack in capitals and resources.

Question of the day:

Meanwhile, I was studying Environmental Science I realized the point of view of this discipline from an empirical mode to an opportunistic mode. In other words, the mere interest for research for the natural environment was vanished and replaced by a self-survival of the human being.

Now, after reading this article, the question for today is this one: what do you want to save, you or the planet?

Unsustainability is offline…

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