Diet for the environment: A quick guide for the environmental lovers

Vegan diet
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Diet for Keto, Paleo, Raw or Vegetarian people usually depends on the necessity you have. From the reason why you want to follow this type of food line-up and what you want to achieve. Well, environmental lovers if you want to push up higher yours believe you should become Vegans. Supported studies and research have confirmed the positive impact that a Vegan diet has on the environment. But it’s not so easy.    

Diet for environmental awareness and perspective for a healthy life

Bombarded every day from media and persuasive messages in order to become a stereotype human model we are always obligated to choose what is better for us. Restrictions and circumstances, of course, influence what we choose. The battle against Climate Change, the self-centralization of the society through social media and the unsustainable human lifestyle has rotten the roots of the humanity.

Governments and multinationals around the globe have chosen to invest in massive projects for the energy sector. What can you do as a single citizen? Well, food is a need of necessity and it should be free but for the moment is a consumer good. However, consuming meat and dairy products help to increase the level of Co2 emissions. Choose a Vegan diet is a nice option to reduce them.

Of course, it’s not easy guys. You can’t start a Vegan diet from one day to another but you can do it gradually. It’s a life of habits and you can accustom your body to a certain diet. In the last few years, the trend for a Vegan diet is raising its behaviour. This means that always more people have chosen to opt for veg, seeds, and fruit and so on.

By the way, there are people out there that choose to become vegan just because it’s cool do it. Just because is the trend of the moment, like to have an iPhone instead of an Android as a smartphone because if you don’t have it you are not IN. From other hands, there are people that choose to have a vegan diet because is healthy, is good for them and is good for the environment.

And as well if you are a “freaky” gym typo person that absolutely need to become the best version of yourself, no problem. There are products out there on the market, completely plant-based, help you to build your fitness model body type or bodybuilding physique. No excuses. You have the possibility to choose.

I personally not follow a Vegan diet because I think to be a conscious eater person. I learn to listen to my body and give to it what it needs. I do my free-weight exercises without plan or counting calories and I am feeling good. I eat and drink everything but with moderation and balance. However, if you are not like that I strongly recommend you a vegan diet.

That’s it! As usual, don’t forget to mention opinions and comments if you feel so. Also as well if I am an atheist for respect for my community I wish to all of you a Merry Christmas.

Unsustainability is offline…

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