Philippine Islands on the ride of the environmental revolution

Gina lopez
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Philippine Islands is one of the major main sources of nickel and open-pit mining in Southeast Asia but fortunately, they have their environmental paladin. Gina Lopez the environmental activist and official Secretary of the Environment and Natural Resources fight this war. Recently she won the 2017 Seacology Prize for her effort in environmental commitment.

Philippine under protection and control for over 15 years

Madame Lopez has put a significant effort into her actions through the Philippine Islands in order to protect the environment and the local communities. Seen from her twenties has yoga user and instructor she significantly connected with nature. Her spiritual engagement gives to her the strength and believes to make something different.

Travelling around the Philippine islands she educated local communities about the dangers of open-pit mining. Showing to them pictures and documents as proofs of support for her explanations in regards to sicknesses that people could get if working for these multinationals. In addition to the damages that these open-pit mining could create to the environment.

Her endless and exhausting effort to protecting the Philippine island’s environment have succeeded in numerous cases during her 15 years of fighting. For example, she shut down illegal fish pens and bans all the new open-pit mining projects. This ultimate action has ruined a complex investment of $8.9 billion of open-pit mining plans. Now at 63 years-old with its 500,000 followers on Facebook, she keeps sharing information and fighting for the environment.

In merit of all of that, Gina Lopez has been awarded from the Seacology organisation $10,000 prize as a sign of her recognition in the Philippine. The Seacology is an association based in California that award once a year individuals who achieve with exceptional actions significant commitments for the protection of Islands environment.

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