Africa Emerge with a Big Problem from Charities Companies Responsible for Clothes

Africa local market
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Africa local market seems to not afford anymore the massive importation of second-hand clothing from Charities of the Western Countries. Apparently, Charities from the western countries importing second-hand clothes especially in East Africa ruin the local clothing market.   

Africa needs help… but not as you think

From our hands, as donators in our good creed, maybe we don’t know that but indirectly we make a hard work for the local shoppers in Africa. Indeed, clothes continuously bombarded from the western countries charities and then re-sell it in the local market they have a devastating effect.

Critics have raised and Regions of East Africa such as Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya or Uganda has asked an increase in fee taxes on clothing imported from these sources. If they have success a new reform of laws will be acted by 2019 in those Regions.

The compromise is the limitation on an external market that will eventually take benefits in the internal market of Africa.

A reason also to considerate regarding this tremendous effect of economy degradation is surely aggregated to the “fast fashion” production. It’s ok and is nice look different and has its own preferences but when we start to produce more than we need just for a matter of money this is going in the wrong way.

As an aftermath in the future coming, someone will pay the mistakes of someone else like our African friends in this article, for example. However, if you like this post a good hug is appreciated and if you would like read further you can click on the CBC report where actually is writing the whole picture of the situation.

From my side, I finish it for the moment here and I will see you next week. Don’t forget your precoius comments and opinions about that. Have a nice Sunday and…

Unsustainability is offline…

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