Taiwan, Intelligence Operation Center Tower. East is the Future!

Intelligence Operation Center
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Taiwan gets another point of view and another way to eco sustains its urban scenario for the century. If before was the Taipei 101 Tower builds in 1999 to award the new century on the word, this time the looking forward is in Taichung. What I talking about is the Intelligence Operation Centre in project for the future.

Taiwan and its new eco-centre for a sustainable urbanization

Another shot directly from Taiwan has raised interest and enthusiasm in the green revitalization of the urban scenario. The Intelligence Operation Centre will be over 800 feet tall with offices, shops, restaurants and macro park spaces. Natural light is also another futures to add to the spec of this structure. The project is the new approach of a vertical space interconnection within the surrounding habitat.

For example, green macro spaces located on each floor between shops, offices or restaurants are the scheme of the infusion concept from a natural environment to the technological eco tower. To give appositely to the visitors or the workers of the centre that instant feeling of in-out and out-in immersion in the building.

Intelligence Operation Center. Ground Side

Indeed, Elizabeth de Portzamparc French architect and creator of the eco tower has released her opinion in merit. She defines the structure of the Intelligence Operation Centre as an extension of Taichung more than an urban interruption of it.

Well, Elizabeth… from the picture provided below of Taichung, I don’t think we speak about of a little village here. Of course is look as an extension of the city more than an interruption… or may I wrong?


However, Taiwan will be more than happy to guest and own this beast of green urbanization. After Taipei 101 Tower in 1999, Taichung will be another point of eco reference for the green urban designers. That’s it for today guys! I’ll see you Saturday then!

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