Trees in the city in danger because dying at alarming rate

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Trees survival in the urban area seems an urgent matter from all around the planet and mostly in the bigger city on Earth. Apparently, from a recent scientific study conducted all over the world, trees in the urban area seems in dangerous conditions for their living status. What is important now is the sense of responsibility that we should have for this matter.

Trees it’s just a matter of time

As long as Climate Change will represent a calamity for the humanity, nobody will be really safe for its life. So, plants have also this worried and especially the trees planted and living in urban area. From an international scientific study conducted has risen a significant difference between flora in urban area and flora in the countryside.

Trees in the urban area tend to grow faster than trees in the countryside but the bad side of this effect is the time living. This means that trees in the urban area die faster as well and therefore they die before than plants in the countryside. From the study conducted it says that this phenomenon is for the “urban heat island effect”.

With the raising in temperature by the Climate Change and pumping up from the human activities, trees in the urban area are affected so by chemical reaction. Indeed, photosynthesis processes are boosted up from these temperatures higher than normal and therefore accelerating the flourish of the plant. However, the collateral effect is the reduction of the tree lifespan.

Always from the study named just in the Mediterranean area plants in the urban area and in the countryside they have the same rate of growth and death. Physically speaking, heat is a form of energy and I think that is pretty logic thinking about this effect in trees connected with the Climate Change phenomenon.

Anyway, I am not going into the details but in science, you have to prove everything with data if you state something. Therefore, if you want to know some more just click on the links provided in this article. After that, I wish you a nice weekend guys and I’ll see you next week.

Unsustainability is offline…

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