Energy agenda 2017: The general recap for us and for the planet

Energy in the world
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Energy matter and always more investors make their moves and hands on it. From the latest news on the net, a huge or maybe I would say a colossal movement from all around the world take the renewable energy in first place in shifting economic resources. This article is all about it: a general recap of the biggest and most significant renewable operations around the planet.

Energy providers or energy receivers

From Europe to China, from South Asia to Hungary or from Australia to South America all way up to the reconstruction of Puerto Rico. Massive energy projects are planning to be actualized meanwhile others are already fine and functional. Coalitions between giant multinationals and ex-fossil fuel companies they make their move as well.

Europe is putting a huge effort in renewable energy projects with Germany leading the way. The European Commission is investing massive economic resources to achieve plans by 2020. In Hungary, South Korean companies have made an agreement for the construction of renewable power plants.

Further away, southeast Asian market it looking quite boiling from the Australia energy provider and its Tesla Giga-factories. Apparently, Australia wants to be the main play ruler provider in the energy sector of the Southeast Asia countries. Such a monopoly market move from the Australians!

China alone is a global record in the energy sector. Limited from the European legislation regarding of goods exporting and the disadvantage of the money exchange with the USA, China has raised is leading record in the renewable industry by itself.

A little consideration to point out for the China situation: countries in development like China, when they achieve too much power, sometimes are limited from other developed countries like Europe or USA. This is happening for a conservative mentality of the western countries most too afraid to lose their supremacy.    

South America also is making is leading record in the energy sector. Countries like Argentina, Chile, Brazil and Mexico they make their printing in the renewable industry. For example, Mexico recently has making a massive sale of low-cost renewable devices to foreign markets.

Energy “outsiders”

What I miss in my everyday exhausted research in the environmental sector is the African continent. Probably, some minor energy projects will be there but not significantly important to show off in the news.

Russia is another big country that I miss for renewable projects. As well if I think about that is not really convenient for them because most of the Russia economy rely on fossil fuel resources.

Of course, I can’t exclude USA but they have the Trump problem. In spite of that, American and some states of the confederation like California, they make huge progress in renewable projects.

If I miss some points please, I kindly invite you to let me know something about it and I will try to arrange in a way to make aware the community. After this…

Unsustainability is offline…

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