Oil from Russia and Coal from Columbia. Who cares? Who is sick are the locals, not us, right!?


Oil that spills from everywhere, meanwhile people is far and far away from all of this keep doing normally their life. Thousands and thousands of kilometres between us and coal mining keep dividing this life-link relation. The real people only to really suffer these absurd exploitations of natural resources are the locals living close by.

Oil or coal is the same. We are sick from all of this, anyway.

Maybe some of you already know where all that fuel comes from for your cars or homes but some of us maybe not. One of the fossil fuel resources destined to satisfied Europe countries like Netherland or outside like Turkey is Columbia. For example, seven of the major coal mines in Cesar region are from the American Drummond corporation, Murray Energy Corporation and Prodeco owned by the Anglo-Swiss corporation Glencore.

Coal like black oil is part of the Columbian economy like any other countries of the world rich of these resources. What it’s not talking about is the people living in the Cesar region and their problems too. Villagers of the region could fishing and able to cultivate as well before but after working in coal mines everything has changed.

Respiratory problems, contaminated water and an ecosystem completely devastated incapable of guest any more fishes or produce crops. Now, before of all of this, what was normal for them is basically watched from a TV only. Local communities are rarely consulted from the Columbian government plans with Coal Corporations.

And meanwhile, locals die from these oil and coal activities there is someone else who take awards and honours for environmental concerns. Ironically, President Santos of Columbia has been awarded in London from the Royal Botanical Gardens Kew. For his effort in environmental protections, he received the Kew International Medal. Columbia is the world most dangerous place on Earth for environmentalist with several deaths reported by years.

The same is what happening in the Russian region of Komi through the Pechora river area with the oil industry. Ecosystems blow away like castle cards for spilling oil around the region. Who it the major responsible for this is the Lukoil company that take the 2% of the worldwide oil and gas production.

No consideration for the locals as usual or I should say “business as usual”.

Unsustainability is offline…

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