Blood cures and healthcare seem like not easily reachable even in developed countries

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Blood pressure and wealth care seem very important topics for people around the world and around the web. Recently I read a couple of articles regarding those topics and what are main the reasons for this worried. Of course, first coming first on the reading is money! From the article read it seems that money is the main reason for this problem. In other words, people can’t afford a healthcare and about blood pressure, food and lifestyle are what influence at most.

What can you do about blood pressure and healthcare problems?

Right, people can’t afford a healthcare and therefore can’t buy medics and so on. People suffer from blood pressure because of the food quality and the lifestyle they have. First of all, if you get a pill for everything you got, of course, you get in bad shape before everybody else. Second, if you eat a lot of junky food and you don’t move too much is natural have blood problem.

About the pills, each time you get one, you get better faster but you get also wicker earlier. Is a blood problem there? Right, walks more, runs more and eat healthier. Do you want to know the positive sides of that? Sure! You will see a lot of money more in your pocket because you buy fewer medics, you eat less junky food and you consume less gasoline for your car. Also, you will feel better with yourself and with everybody.

Another point to considerate is less money for the pharmaceutical industry and more money for yourself. Life is pain guys and you have to learn to suffer sometime in order to get stronger. This is the way how our body knows in order to get harder and better than before. Blood is in our veins but the willpower is in our hearts. Don’t spend your money on these stupid media commercials propose you to sort out everything in your life with just a pill.

Also, environmental factors seem leaves behind regarding those problems. However, if you don’t live in a place like Delhi where unfortunately our friends they really suffer from the pollution conditions, my suggestions still super valid for everyone. You don’t need to be a fit model or pay a nutritionist to change your diet. Just listen your body and change your habits. That’s all!

That’s my blast for you for this week! Unsustainability is offline…

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