Hope, advocacy and recall from another mouth of Hollywood


Hope as a courage and perseveration of something in believe of many and not for few. Of course, such a big statement it should be emitted for a great cause, like humanity it should be really in danger of something catastrophic. The Climate Change fight has taken in causing so many figures in these years and this time I want point out about Harrison Ford.

The green armies and their hope captains

Actors like Harrison Ford, have the socio-economical possibility to influence people’s mind with their popularity. Fortunately, they do it right and for a right cause like this one in our case. The environmental issue and problems in the world have shown to us their devastating calamities overtime and what is keep pushing us to move on is simply hope.

Harrison Ford in his recently hope speech in Culver City for the 30th anniversary gala of the Conservation International, he deeply expresses his opinion regarding the trust in leaving the delicate topic as the Climate Change, in hands of unprofessional people who don’t understand and don’t want to believe in science.

In spite of the 97% consensus of the international scientific community, the data showed over time, all the trends analysis and the natural disaster facts occurred, someone still doubting, someone still thinking for a profit. However, we still here acting in a change from our hope. However, we take our decisions anyway as well without these own “political leaders”.

The advocacy for a cause is what pushes a man in its morality through its actions. Hope is the motivational factor that pushes that individual in charming other people in his handiwork. The others will embrace this action just once that hope will be accepted for them.

Move, speaks, thinks and loves. What you have to lose after all? Is a future that is not as you want or a life that you always wished for?

Ford as Di Caprio or Ross, they knew very well that people need nature but nature doesn’t need people (as Ford said in his hope speech). The 97% of the climate scientists they know very well as well. Did you know as well?… Does make sense?

Have a nice week guys and see you until the next article. If you want to leave a comment in the section below is more than welcome.

Unsustainability is offline…

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