Office buildings with a sustainable “prison” approach

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Office time. An office is usually defined as a working living environment for administration or management purposes. People working in this environment are usually skilled with middle or advanced knowledge but this depends on what they do. The time passed in these venues is usually 40 hours or more a week per 365 days a year. With the sustainability concept more and more embraced in those days, designers build eco-friendly infrastructures to get in respect with the natural environment. 

What in Austria is a passive office house?

A few days ago in my research on the net, I encountered an interesting article on treehugger talking about this beautiful office building in the west of Austria. The description provided from the article says that the building is mostly designed with wood, then concrete and placed in an artificial cooling-heat pool pump system. It was set up in the 2013 and always based on the description this office building is super sustainable and made it with renewable material. Sound good, right!?

What I want to point out is not the design and the choice of materials but instead the working environment in itself. Why, when I heard about sustainable buildings have to be almost always offices, giant shopping mall or skyscrapers and almost never private homes?? Why is there almost always this preference about toward private companies and never to the normal citizen?

Yes, as a normal citizen you can play around that. Right?! Anyway, have to be always in your possibilities and circumstances because if you don’t have money and you living in a place like London, you have to be in some old share house or some old council flat. But, if you working in some office building or as well in some universities, then the structure is stylish, sustainable, super fancy and of first class.

In other words, what I don’t like is the promotion of the “sustainable concept” they use to fool yourself that going to work is nice and fine. It’s not a case that these super sustainable-stylish office buildings are of this kind. Aside from the “job concept” and how it is applied today which is wrong, let me understand this: have I to live in a shit-hall but I have to work in a luxury office? What are you talking about?

Maybe some of you could think that it couldn’t look professional without that look but honestly, I working from everywhere with an Asus notebook 32-bit and I am professional anyway. There are a bunch of people out there working like me. It’s really an illusion that they want to give to us with this “pre-format office” to say that their option is the right way to go. I let you think about that and of course, don’t forget to leave your super valuable comment below.

Unsustainability is offline…

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