Vegan meal for Leonardo di Caprio and Co.

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Another way to help the environment and slow down the inevitable climate change is the choice of food you decide to eat. Be a vegetarian or a vegan person is an option to considerate. However, you don’t need to become something that you are not. Just control and moderate yourself. Meanwhile, someone else has thought something quite smart to improve the climate change situation and satisfy the tastes of everybody.

The vegan burger super special meal directly for the new sustainable generations

We are talking about the millionaire and environmentalist Hollywood actor Leonardo di Caprio. Leonardo di Caprio has recently invested from his environmental foundation several thousand dollars in the realization of a vegan burger. What a hell?! Indeed, beyond the meat is the company behind this project that will open thousands of vegan restaurants around the USA.

The vegan plant-based burger is not a super new thing in those days but this vegan dish will surprise you. Indeed, this vegan burger is made almost exactly like a normal meat burger and this means the colour, its consistency and as well its taste. In other words, is like to eat a meat burger but without meat into it because is made in a plant-based vegan style!

Yes! What to say about it? Well, Leonardo di Caprio from his hands surely will have his gains. Investing several thousand dollars in a project of this kind will take financial benefits. Of course, that’s not just for money only but considering the actor’s lifestyle, a second meaning is always there. However, we don’t talk about of a multinational that it sucked black oil until yesterday and one day to another it pretends to a leader in the renewable energy sector.

The Hollywood actor has been always quite present over the years in fighting against the climate change. In the end, there is someone like him who can several resources to help the environment and someone like me who can write a blog and share his knowledge. The main point is that everybody should do their part, as well if small because climate change regards everybody without exception.

Unsustainability is offline…

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