Leaves changes: Just a small lecture about leaves size and shape

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In my past time and travels in different places, on more the one occasion, has happened that someone suggests me to teach in the academy. Honestly, I don’t see myself as a professor of some educational institution, I don’t like the academic life and also I love too much my freedom. However, today I will give you a small lecture here, without using too many complicated terms, about the reason of the different leaves shape in nature.

The shape leaves and its changes over time

A tree, in some cases, is a symbol of hope, growth and stability, is located everywhere in the world like a pillar of an ecosystem. The dimension, the colour and the time lapse growth are different by species per clime and land composition. What about the leaves? Or may I better say what about the shape leaves? As you observed before in your life they can be small, big, flat or thin like needles but why is the reason of such a shape?

For example, the common Pine has sharp and thin leaves because their main function is to retain moisture and avoid the cold temperature. Usually, Pine’s leaves are always present in the temperate region with a sometimes rigid period of cold during the year. Contrary, the tropical Pine’s leaves are larger, rounded and flat because of a higher light and carbon reception capacity. The regions where they live have a high sunlight intensity and water availability.

Well, if you already understand a bit what I want to say and what I proof it before the concept is very simple. The ecological history of a plant species directly reflect the environment around them and therefore as the climate change the shape leaves will change as survival needs. The shape leaves are just the best design desire from the plant to best achieve their food or nutritional requirements.

Here, I finish it my small lecture for you and I hope to have reached again, another time your curious mind on the environment. The next episode will be on Saturday and therefore be updated with my blog channel… ahahah, sometimes I feel like in some National Geographic video….

Unsustainability is offline….

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