Dale Ross: the Major example for a perfect Green City

Dale Ross
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For this category I nominee Dale Ross, the Mayor city of Georgetown who takes the right decision for him and for everybody else in his town. What he does is very simple but really efficient from a futuristic point of view and what he does is just choose renewable energy for him, for his city and for his people. Georgetown basically relies 100% on renewable energy for supply itself from a couple of years and that makes me really really happy.


Georgetown is located in Texas a region of the great and magnificent United States of America… USA! USA! USA !…hahaha no, I just joking guys… What is really significant in this action from Dale Ross is the choice to rely completely on renewable energy in a region completely centralized from the use of oil, gas and coal. That’s Texas, guys! In 2015 Dale Ross has taken the decision for the green energy to then arranging the electricity supply from a wind power farm 500 miles (804 Km) away from the city and solar power station in the west of Texas.


With this action Dale Ross has appeared in a National Geographic documentary directed by James Redford, has been invited to introduce an event in Utah named “An inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power” and also has appeared in the “Clean Energy Summit” in Las Vegas with Al Gore who was one of the most important people on Earth supporting the fight against climate change. Such a show, may I say?!


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