BCDC: The Smart Way to Invest in the Environment

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As last bit from my resources in the EcoTechnology category I will introduce and speak about another smart way to get involves for safe and be an investor of the environment with the BCDC business plan. The rules are simples and the game is fun but what you have to count is the time that you have available to engage with this amazing promotion. Exactly! I talking about the Pre Tokens Sale promotion from the BCDC business whose was announce in my last article always dedicated to the EcoTechnology category. Let’s move on then and don’t waste other time!

BCDC: Save the Planet with Smart Contracts

In the last few articles, I speak about how BCDC implementing the Blockchain technology and how was able to interact with eco-sustainability projects and how it perfectly achieves its results and positive response. We talk about the RecycleToCoin program in details and how an opportunity of this kind could be a life-change for the small consumer, the medium startup, and the big investor. Today, indeed I would kindly invite you to seriously think about this awesome offer launched from the BCDC as a future perspective as a new application in the eco- market where you can be a first line figure in the development of a new way – thinking for the realization of target plans in environmental issues.

This is what I really call “thinking out of the box!

In addition, the investment taken is also insured from the Ethereum security system that allows the maximum transparency in transaction-making and multilateral interconnectivity between consumers and investors. Plus, the exponential value growth in the global market achieved from Ethereum in the last few years ensure and encourage a profitable and lucrative success over time in the future. I recently become an Ethereum user and I can ensure you that it’s a really brilliant service in terms of money management.

Rules and Deadlines to take in consideration

This opportunity has limited time in its actualization and for clarifying better what I talking about here the dates to follow:

  • Early Token Sale: from 1st September to 25th September

  • Pre Token sale: from 26th September to 25th October

  • Main Token Sale: from 1st November to 14th November

That’s what you have really counted for your participation and engagement before the launching time of the three main projects from the BCDC before getting officially emitted in the market and fully available to the public.

What it’s really extremely crucial now is simply YOU and YOUR ACTION to make this happen! Not for me, not for the BCDC but for YOU and for the ENVIRONMENT. This is really your opportunity to remain involves in the first line in the market of the eco-business and to have your presence on the scene as an active actor and no more as a passive spectator. Start to believe and act on something different because it’s time to change the cards on the table and play the game that WE want.

Unsustainability is offline…

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