Time, Life and Freedom. What would you choose?

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Time change for everybody and for most of us time is the most important thing that we have in our life. In spite of that, over time people has reached its level of survival against the adversities proposed from the life during the human history. There is someone who said that time is the only real enemy to human, life is the only important thing and freedom is the key in order to achieve the right balance for the combination of these two factors. What this concept wants to mean in real life and in Green economy is the simple observation of currently events occurred today per causes and effects. What I want to talk about today is simply another general point of view in which how the system of this society really changes and to make you aware of these future events. 

Recently, reading news and surfing the web, big investments have been made in new sustainable and renewable technologies to ensure a long life to the humanity. Billions of dollars have been invested in solar power plant station and the improvements of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines installation and multiple designs in their architecture has been included in this giant planning of survival, desalination technologies has been taken also in consideration for safeguarding clean water, algae technologies is another emergence solution available and taken significantly in  consideration today, to name just a few of them and all of this is extremely positive and reassuring for all us.

But, who invest in all of this? Is the young and visionary entrepreneur or the small and adventurous startup? Or, may I say, the powerful, huge and well established multinational?

Well, of course, some entrepreneurs and startup could take some small bit of the market, after all we are at the right time for the explosion of entrepreneurship but, sorry to said that, don’t expect that some small business starting from one day to another it could get a big slide because, unfortunately, this is not going to happen. And, you will ask me – “ Why Stefano? What’s the problem with that?” because, when I read in some news that a multinational that before was a leader in silver and gold mining (and I don’t want mention any names) is planning to invest in the next 10years billions of dollars to credits and fully renewable energy sources equal to the power supply needs for the North America – what it is the real change, here, then?

If a big name like that corporation that I described just above, it buy the 30% of the global market in the energy sector and some other big names like this corporation do the same – what is change after all? Did you really understand what is really mean? It means that after all we still depend from them or from someone. It means, in simple words, monopolization of the market. The footprinting of today’s system will be just shifted over time but what is just change is the means that they adopted to achieve their objectives.

Did you want another example? Desalination plants investments? Transforming seawater to freshwater or purify wastewater from sewage or industrial processes – who going to manage the entire plan, some entrepreneurs company or some energy departments of some country? What? Don’t they like new faces? They prefer their old friends? Who going to pay these billions of units (to not adopts a currency) investments? Are the industries provoking that or the pocket of the citizens who honestly working every day without thinking to not be better than someone else?

And.. what about those industries provoking waste water?  What are they going to happen to them? Are they will shut? Of course no! Probably, they will be provided by their own private channel of wastewater discharge that will directly travel in the desalination plant to them immediately be purified, right!? And everything will be on as usual like before… Are they kidding me or what?!

The slow and gradual transition to a Green economy happen not because there are not technologies out there available to make this happen but just because who today have control and economic power, study and plan to keep their hands on something that they can’t have anymore. Time, life and freedom, that’s what you have to yourself and keep in mind your enemy, what is important and your key future for this equation.

I wish you a nice week and thanks for reading.

Unsustainability is offline…

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