The RecycleToCoin project from the BCDC business

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In the last article dedicated to EcoTechnology, I introduce you another valuable innovation in cryptocurrency named Ethereum and how a company like the BCDC has managed to implement in an eco-project. Today I want to continue you what I kept interrupted for a whole week and finally let you know in details about the RecycleToCoin project from the BCDC where YOU can easily take part for safeguarding the environment and earning some extra cash in your pocket with a minimum of effort. Therefore don’t hesitate over and keep reading in order to take action as soon as possible.

Introducing the INNOVATION in the eco-sustainability projects

Based on the idea in Netherland and Norway to recycling in exchange for a reward the BCDC has acted in the same way with the advantage of the cryptocurrency security and speed system. The main differences between the two strategies are the implementation of advanced technology like cryptocurrencies and the future fast expansion of the project, thanks to the digital interconnectivity between consumers, investors and third parties institutions at the global level. What it was possible just in a couple of countries in Europe it could be included in America, Asia or Africa in just a decade or so and HERE is where YOU CAN ACT AS ALWAYS YOU WISHED TO.

What you have to do is very simple because require just a smartphone, some plastic or aluminium to recycle and your willpower to make this happen. Over than that, just follow these steps and you will ready to go:

  1. Download and install the RecycleToCoin App for your or Android

  2. Recover the plastic or aluminium that you have to throw away and therefore you can recycle

  3. Take the recyclable material to the closest machine or charity shop where you can deposit that

  4. Scan the QR code from your RecycleToCoin App and get your reward for the effort make it

That’s it! It’s completely free and what is amazing is the win-win situation that this strategy creates for safeguarding the environment, involving people in their normal daily routine and finally rewards them at action based in exchange for their effort. What else!? The reward gained is in BCDC tokens that can be converted than in Bitcoin, Ethereum or in the currency that you use or wish to have but is not finish it yet because the BCDC tokens gained are also purposely created as coins investment for other renewable energy and eco-sustainability projects.

This means that you can also in the first person be an investor in future eco projects around the world from a little action make it in your daily routine or simply choose to keep your tokens for yourself and used as you like. From nothing or from very small you can be in the first line for something really huge and significant for YOU and for the PLANET.  Well… not bad at all, I think is worth it a shot for a try, right?!

Over than this amazing App that the BCDC running and in which YOU can participate and gain rewards and gratification from day 1, the BCDC also run and propose a pre tokens sale from the 26th September to the 25th October. However, I will speak about that in my next article under the EcoTechnology category because I want to let you reflect and take action if you feel to regarding the amazing opportunity that RecycleToCoin can give you. For the moment….

Unsustainability is offline

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