BCDC: How to Implement Blockchain Technology in Eco-Sustainability Achievements

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In my article related the Bitcoin technology, I underline the beneficial you can have to adopt this technology and the benefits whose could take in terms of environmental issues and economic development. Indeed, the today’s article is about on another similar technology like Bitcoin whose benefit not just only the single green consumer but also medium and big size company.

A small introduction to Ethereum

Ethereum is a decentralized open source platform that like Bitcoin acts as a cryptocurrency but differ in the speed transaction and in the ability to literally program your money. Ethereum has known in the stock market as ETH or ETHER and appear in 2013 from Vitalik Butterin writer, programmer and already an enthusiast of the Bitcoin technology. From 2015 the Ethereum project is active and alive with an exchange conversion stock market of 1ETH to 282$US circa. The main futures of this technology is the application of smart contracts whose differ from the traditional law contracts because of their computational status, security enforcement, time transaction and low fee in the transaction occurred.

The BCDC study case and its believes in something different

The BCDC state as Blockchain Development Company is a business based in the UK and is part of the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance who’s working as a decentralized startup whose use the implementation of the Blockchain technology for the achievement and transaction in the eco-sustainability program. The choice to implement the Blockchain technology in eco-sustainability programs has made because of the trustworthy and secureness of the system in itself between third party, investors, and consumers. Over than that, Blockchain technology allows a fluid and simple connections in terms of functionality for the achievement of the project without any kind of unexpected losses. This means that the BCDC work with Ethereum network which is a decentralized platform that works with a public ledger like Bitcoin which allows you to know exactly where your money goes in case you want to invest in the project. Well, no bad for a little startup, right!?

The BCDC projects are an on-going program started from July 2017 developing and unleashing its full power long away through 2018 to keep going until the success is achieved. In this lapse of time, they will develop, launching and running 3 major projects named respectively by time occurred RecycleToCoin, EcoChain and lastly the FoodTrax. What is really important right now and in which you can have the possibility to get involved and finally being part of a change-life initiative is the RecycleToCoin project. As you already understand from the name you have the possibility to recycle in exchange for a reward throughout a simple app installed on your smartphone or on your web browser. Because the reward is through the Ethereum platform the transaction will be instantly and securely between you and the BCDC business.

Sound good?! I think so but… because I am like to keep you in suspense I will fully talk about that in my next article dedicated to EcoTechnology. Keep in touch and don’t lose yourself.

Unsustainability is offline…

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