A Lesson of History and an Explanation on the Job Distribution

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The opportunity to develop your skills in terms of professional applications and retribution per hour unit is just limited from the conformity and the economic designed redistributed from historical facts and political decisions. Humans as any other species on Earth have always been pushing to moving somewhere else for optimal conditions and a better quality life. Like Immigrants and emigrants moving from a country to another because of poverty, war, natural disaster, dictatorships and so on, the competition in order to have a little space and place for yourself in this society has become increasingly hard.

Jobs, if you thinking about it have become always more and more difficult to achieve a position with good conditions, good time management, good payment and good regulations. To not talking about the choice that you can have in terms of jobs type available at the moment. The cruel reality is that an individual achieves a certain type of job or at least related to what it wants to do in regards to the global development market demand. In other words and with a simple example to let you understand what I want to say, if there is a boom demands in the smartphone applications job market, unfortunately, you can’t pretend to easily find a job as photographer but you can find a job related in conform of the job market demand.

Location is another pain in the butt because of the economic distribution whose has been established on Earth during the Human history. For example, if Europe wouldn’t colonize the rest of the world in the last 1000 years, Europe could not be so powerful and rich as it is right now. The United Kingdom thanks to the British Empire has connections and influence on ¾ of the world. The United States of America if it wouldn’t win the WWII with UK, Russia and France it couldn’t be recognized as a superpower country (people need to believe in something) and it couldn’t have such influence on the rest of the planet (before the WWII USA was considered a country like any other country which in end is what it is). From this few considerations, you can understand now why the best and the most jobs opportunity are more or less always in some points of the worlds.

Of course, this assessment is just a preliminary talk of general lines to let you understand important keys that you should know in order to understand better the implementation and the importance of the Green Economy. The development of local activities and the expansion of internal economies it could potentially erase this economic bookmarks places in which an individual is forced to moving and consequentially enrich and reinforce. The Green Economy focus in natural resources management and in the application of sustainable practices on which the ordinary capitalist system doesn’t’ have room and becoming obsolete, because of the development of emerging countries whose has been always extremely important in the natural resources stock.     

Lastly and most importantly the application of a Green Economy would benefit to all of that individual who have always had potentials, talent and skills to become a significant asset for their own countries and for the people around them in terms of economical fundaments but for luck of favourable social-economic conditions they never have this possibility of development.

Therefore, beautiful minds out-there listening my words with hope and encouragement, you are more precious than you think. Keep fighting for your rights and never give up for stupidity. My lesson end here and I wish you a nice week.

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