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In our everyday life, the consumption of water per person in litres unit is almost scary because of the fact related to its waste in itself. If you come from where water is easily available and in abundance, you will probably even noticed about this little detail but indeed if you come from a place where water availability is a scarcity factor and not easily reachable the point of view dramatically change. So, if this problem could be sorted out in places where the water is easily available how much money it could be safe on your monthly bills? And for an opposite approach, where availability water is actually a problem, what could be beneficial at the end of the task? In the 2016 three enterprising guys from India, they thinking about that and they come up with the brilliant idea of the NEERR NOZZLE wastewater management device appositely created for the single green consumer usage.

The NEERR NOZZLE was invented by Raghav Maheshwari and Tushar Gulati, 4th-year mechanical engineering students and later as contributor of the project Akshay Aggarwal from SRM University, Chennai. They started developing the NEERR NOZZLE project this last year when they heard about the 29000 villages declared drought prone in the Maharashtra areas. They took them 6 months to make the full tested product. It was very difficult for them to invent such type of technology. They made up 80 design iterations before to reach the final design of the miniature nozzle. Finally, they tested it the ultimate trial and find that 95% of the reduction in the water usage in washing application it was surprisingly achieved. Marvellous!

The NEERR NOZZLE is a new innovation into the water conservation market that promises a 95% reduction in water use, by atomizing the water coming through it while enabling the water to do the same amount of work, yet with huge savings. The NEERR NOZZLE wastewater device management is the most efficient water saving nozzle that saves up to 95% of the water in various washing applications. 

Akshay Aggarwal, co-founder and Manufacturing lead of NEERR said:

The problem with conventional taps lies in the fact that only a small fraction of water coming out from the faucet is actually used. Most of the water is either bounced off by hands and dishes or flows into the drain straight away. To combat this problem, we are breaking down water into millions of droplets in order to put maximum water flowing from the tap to use. The nozzle which can be easily fitted into the tap creates a high-speed heavy mist shooting out of the tap. This increases the surface area and reduces the amount of water slipping through our fingers. The mist works well for most of the washing applications in our day to day life such as washing hands, washing dishes etc.

For other applications that need more water, one can simply switch to the other mode that provides shower water. Even with the shower water, this mode conserves 75% of the water.

In addition here you can find an educational video for a better understanding of the problem and the NEERR nozzle functionality.

So, what are you waiting for? If you like the idea just gets in touch with them! They are also available on Facebook and Twitter! Thanks, Guys!

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