Extreme Events and a Message for your Heart


I can’t avoid to talk about in regards to the recent facts happened around the globe and motivate you to take action about that. After reading many articles on the web, watching the news on TV and listening to the radio in my past days, I feel a bit overwhelmed from all of that info all of sudden. Unfortunately, I don’t  have an extraordinary power to stop all this mess but at least I can do my part as a citizen of the world and tell you my opinion and a message of hope that maybe would warm up a bit your frozen heart after all of those disasters.

I really feel sorry for all the victims die in those natural disasters, I am really feel sorry for all that people connected in somehow to the victims in Texas by the Hurricane Harvey, to the victims in Mexico by the earthquake, to the victims in Haiti and the Dominican Republic by the Hurricane Irma, to the victims in Bangladesh and Nigeria by floods and unfortunately to the next victims by the Hurricane Katia and by the Hurricane Jose.

Europe has fallen victim as well of these climate anomalies: for example, I passed the worst summer in Italy that I never have in my life; the temperature has reached over 30°C with a percentage of over 70%-80% of moisture every day and mosquito ready to suck your blood all day long. It has been registering wildfires in the centre and south Italy with droughts periods for damaging the agriculture production. Water has been proportionated in Rome because of the intensive droughts and the dry up of Bracciano Lake. Now, it’s raining from two days non-stop and already some floods have occurred in Rome and Livorno (Tuscany), plus temperature has dropped from 30 to 15-degree units.

We can’t tell you exactly if all those extreme events are caused by climate change because of their frequency and the analysis on global scale take time before they get verify and demonstrate but I can tell you to not give up and to not lose your creed in change something for the better. Maybe are casualties that we not provoked and we do not have control on it but if would that keep what you doing to change your behaviour and your habits for a better future. 2050 has been established like a big deadline alarm of climate change for the people and for the entire ecosystem. Meanwhile, some scientist like the Biology Professor Guy McPherson from the University of Arizona state that we have about 10 years left before the world’s sixth mass extinction.

Don’t be afraid, don’t get down and keep be courageous. I may sound brutal but after all, if this “world’s sixth mass extinction” would really happen that means that most of the corruption, injustice, inequality would be washing up away and a new fresh start would be begin. If this would really happen, maybe the human mind would really change its way of thinking, to not repeat the same mistakes of before, to not commit the same actions done in the past and to have and build finally a better world for everybody.

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