Darn Good Yarn: A Company whose Decide to Move towards Sustainability

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If you ever are a person in the textile industry or a responsible consumer who like gives importance to the products that purchase and from what they made of, well then, this article is really for you. The Darn Good Yarn is really a company whose take a step further away in the sustainable fashion sector and an innovative green approach in the textile industry. Over than that, what is really interesting from this company is the strategy adopted in order to have multiple beneficial impacts on social, economic and environmental achievement. I really suggest you have a look at their website and kindly invite you to subscribe to their mailing list and receive a 15% off on new purchase made.

Darn Good Yarn is a creative lifestyle company that was founded by Nicole Snow in 2008. What started with a single ball of handmade silk yarn and a desire to be the most creative version of herself and help others do the same has grown into a global creative community. Darn Good Yarn offers handmade yarn, crafting supplies, kits and monthly subscription boxes as well as clothing and accessories such as sari and cotton wrap skirts. Come and awaken inspiration.

So, what is yarn? By definition, yarn is a thread made of natural or synthetic fibers and is used for knitting or weaving. But yarn is more than just thread or fibers, yarn is a story. From the beginning of its story while it is still being woven by the delicate hands of our workers, to the middle as it passes from our hands to yours. The end of the story is what you decide you want it to be. Whether you decide to buy yarn and turn it into your own creation, or if you decide to buy a ready-to-wear item, Darn Good Yarn sells more than just yarn because we believe in products with a story.

Darn Good Yarn has fabulous art yarns in many unusually unique fibers, the materials for spinning, doll-making, rug hooking, jewelry making, fiber art, mixed media projects and more! If you need amazing craft supplies and want to support a great cause, you’re in the right place.

**FTC Disclosure Statement: This is a sponsored post and therefore contains affiliate links which means that I may receive a commission if you click a link and make a purchase. Scaryyy.. ahaha

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