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I would like to let you know simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint and as an individual adopting simple habits to live an experimented Green economy. I know is hard and people listen more to their desires than to their own consciousness and is understandable if you working 40 hours plus per week in a job that maybe you do more for convenience than you really like or you really want to do. So, you have the money at the end of the month and do you want to spend it on anything you like most because that’s your prize and maybe the only way you know to feel emotions in an everyday mechanic daily life routine. So I hope you enjoy the reading and perhaps rich eventually your knowledge as a smart consumer.

Buy, eat local and seasoned: that’s really important and I will never be tired to tell you so. As you know the food is a necessary need for any living organism and should be free for everybody but unfortunately, has been commercialized. You will go anyway to do your shopping food in the supermarket and you going anyway to spend money but at least just have a look a bit more and invest a bit more time in your selection. It’s easy and not hard at all! Then, try to think of billions of people do the same thing… What behaviour could have the food industry, then?

Buy local goods: sustain the small and middle business of your area, craft and DIY shops, electronics, furniture, clothes and etc. Avoid big travel of goods for nothing and help to diminish the CO2 emission. Don’t buy IKEA because is cheap to then after discovery that the chair you get it’s last for 6 months only. Buy from a craftsman, spend a bit more and get that chair for 20 years or so.

  1. A phone is a phone and if you are in buy HUAWEI instead of an from the , it just the brand and the trend of the moment because is very stupid (unless you are someone who work with a smartphone like a blogger or a business man, a normal smart phone is more than enough).

  2. About clothes, buy vintage, clothes or at least clothes made it with sustainable products. Adidas it made shoes from ocean’s waste, for example.

Recycling and reuse: bins of recycling can be placed in an office, in a house or in a school, for example… resell or give away your old clothes, furniture, electronics and so on.

Traveling: try to avoid when is possible long range travel and get instead a train for at least half of the trip or for example where you have to change the fly.

Energy consumption: equip yourself with the energy-meter device and automated system apparatus to automatically get energy efficiency at your home or where you work to then save money from it.

Transportation: cycling, walking, and running to get at home, or where you work, or to a friend, always, if the weather, the distance and your physical conditions allow so.

I know that probably is just a matter of money for you and you will acting on what is more convenient for yourself because this society it makes you in condition to think in this way but at least give it a try and see the results for it. You have to do it anyway these things in your daily life. Right!?

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