The Escape or the Rescue of the Humanity

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The climate change as a spectre in the human mind has devoured slowly the worried of politicians and the owners of the biggest corporation on the planet. Recurring strategies has been tried for different solutions in a society in which the globalization it should was the next step for an interconnected world. However, peculiarities and greatness’s of the mankind has resolute their-self in a matter of time or probably in something that we can’t imagine yet. As reordering of my categories, this article is the return point of the facts happened in the past regarding climate change and environmental issues around the world.

As a priority and misconception between the international scientist’s community to override a message for the public which most of the time is misinterpreted the choice to survive and don’t giving up seem like sometimes quite extreme. Knowledge has been migrated from a generation to another but in spite of that, the same mistakes have repeated over and over again. Climate change is a topic spoken for over 40 years and unfortunately, we still going in a direction against a communitarian evolution and a multidisciplinary collective development of knowledge.

However, observing the facts of the two past years meanwhile deniers and scientists of the climate change fighting each other on the media and on the social the world it starts see the first signs to alarming people around the globe. Heat wave invades South East Asia and ridiculously rising the temperature in certain regions like India and the Middle East, for example, provoking drafts to their lands, incredible losses and damages to their economies and agriculture production, making at risk animals and plants species. The Arctic, of course, is not excluding for anomaly heat wave that’s surrounding and almost surprising us like a falling star on a spring night.

Flood more severe and frequent than ever, UK, Myanmar, Argentina, Indonesia, Spain, Egypt, Australia, Maryland, West Virginia, Louisiana, Texas, Arkansas, Mississippi and Iowa are all of them places been victims of the climate science with terrible floods event and incredible damage in their aftermath.

And then, in the 2011 or so a Dutch company (Mars ONE) proposing a permanent human establishment on Mars by 2031, basically, the first interstellar human colony on another planet in the history of the humanity. We still killing each other, we still use a primitive economy system, we still use competition in order to evolves and we still rely on fossil fuel to live our life. In spite of that, we decide to attempt for the first time to settle on another planet, because our survival instincts say like that, because in our genome has dictate that we have to move on, no matter what, at cost of everything, at cost to behave like parasite in a guest body, at cost to become monsters without soul.

I just hope that those colonies, if they have however a success in their attempt, I hope for them to be better than us in any aspect of a human being. I hope for them to build a new society with better rules, respect and no nations. I just hope…

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