Bitcoin: the eco currency of the future

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In the last article, I talk about the worries of the today present capitalist believers regarding a full conversion in a Green Economy and I highlight some point like the globalization system with its imperfections. In this article, I would like to underline and encourage the embracement to use the Bitcoin technology system as a sustainable and equalized eco-technology tool for everybody and a possible solution for a monetary system without banks and monitoring institutions.   

We already know or heard about it the Bitcoin technology system and what can do for everybody in any situation or anywhere in the world. However, just a little re-cups to remind you what I am talking about here. The Bitcoin technology system is a decentralized crypto digital currency that everyone can use just with a computer or smartphone and an internet connection. There is 21 million bitcoin in circulation on the web in which each of them can be broken into 4 or more parts to then increase their volume in terms of quantity. Any normal bank transaction takes days, permissions and money in order to accomplish but with Bitcoin, this becomes instantly, from everywhere in the world, at free (or almost free, depending on your necessity) cost and without the permission from anybody.

In the beginning of all, the currency was a tool or a good of exchange between two or more individuals allows an agreement of commerce but over time the money becomes something else for somebody else… a credit. Gold is a metal considered precious for its rarity (for me is just metal with its own properties, honestly) and it was used (and still) to pay back the institution like banks in exchange of printing papers money asking from the governments in a form of promise. Basically, the entire economic contemporary system has built on a base of trust.  As you see, money has become from a commodity of exchange to a credit for someone else.

Today, 80% of the world wide transactions are digital and what people maybe don’t know that all the money that you put in a bank account vanishing almost instantly simply because the bank that you trust use your money for something else or someone else.

Now, do you understand why is there time, other money and permission involved to make an international transfer when you ask too?

Banks need time, permission and more money to pick up your money that you asking for to someone else and somewhere else simply because they are not there as you think.

Another important point to considerate is that each bank has its own ledger (or database) in where any transaction has been registered from everyone.

Do you think that when you receive your bank statement you will see any transaction your money did in a month?

Meanwhile, Bitcoin system allows seeing this ledger publicly, everyone can see any transaction of its own bitcoin (so you know exactly where your money goes) and technically this is called a Blockchain.

At some point of this article, you will probably ask yourself “Hey Stefano, but what this is about with Green Issue?”

Well, it’s very simple indeed. Bitcoin system is an entirely crypto digital world and this means no paper need, therefore, more trees for everybody and free fresh oxygen. 2 billion of people on the planet are without a bank account and with Bitcoin, you don’t need that, that’s means that people from poorest countries on earth can easily commercialize between them with just a simple smartphone and improve their local economy with their environmental products. Lastly, Bitcoin is a punch in the eyes to the western culture model so idolized in those past years but so materialistic and consumerist in the same time.

Today 1 bitcoin is evaluated on the market €4000, US $ 4000 and £3000 circa but you can buy them fractionated and spend less than 100 unit of those main currencies. It’s up to you if you want to make really a change and see a difference or just keep living as you always do. Until then, keep fighting the giant and I’ll see you next week.

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