The fear for a green economy

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The perspective of an economy is or was the balance regulation of exchange with one or more than one value between two or more than two individuals in which an operation involves the end of a benefit for both counterparts through an action or a good traded. In other words, nothing is for nothing in this system. What I want to talk today is the fear and the worried in which the today’s capitalists lives and have towards a transition to a green economy.

In this world in which we talking about globalization free market or free information for everybody, the down side is always present in a scenario in which the advent of the superiority of a single individual is the motto for the today way frustrations. Nevertheless, new economies have emerged in that past decade and fortunately gain a listening place and respect for their-self (you know, this world work that if you have something you can talk and be listen but if you own nothing you can have the Emanuel Kant mind that people don’t care about you). Unfortunately, the economic model adopted from those emerged economies is the same economic model used for the western rich countries and so doesn’t change so much the development in terms of carbon footprinting.

Let me explain in another way and with some practical example. The globalized economy is the free trading of goods at international level between two or more than two entities and this mean that you can have your super shiny plus deluxe Iphone7 in Los Angeles (where is designed and partially produced) and also in Qatar throughout the deployment. Amazing, right! The functionality is more or less the same at the time of the Romaine Empire in which you could drink the same vine in Rome and Constantinople.

The main point to underline and question for our-self is: who really benefit from this system and in which terms?

Now, a person in Hong Kong is looking for a job and this person is a foreigner. In order to do anything in Hong Kong, he/she needs a working visa or even a working visa holiday if he/she wants to do some volunteering job like working at a hostel in exchange for a bad and daily food. This person doesn’t have this documents and it seems that the only way to achieve is to get it before the arrival in Hong Kong.

Now let me clarify this point. A multinational like Apple it can steal the smartphone idea concept from South Korea and state to invent that technology in the United State of America to then produce it in China at the cost of $1 a day and make billion in profit but a person like me or you it can’t work and move freely on the planet. What are we talking about, here? Globalization is good! Yes! For multinational, banks and corporations but surely not for people like us, like you and me, because for us it doesn’t change a heck of it.

So, one way to get a green economy is to buy local and one of the reason is that avoiding transportation of goods achieve a certain diminishing amount of CO2 emissions. Do you think that the globalization capitalist believers of today are happy about that? It’s the same with banks, why they should be afraid of a crypto digital currency like the Bitcoin? Simple, right! You don’t need a bank when you use a bitcoin and is the same for multinational or corporations because when you buy local you don’t need a big name behind to provide you with the goods that you need.

To conclude, they won’t recognize that are surpassed, we don’t need them anymore, the time is changed and we need to move on because this is OUR time now. Thanks for reading and see you until the next article.

Unsustainability is offline.

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