A green life for a sustainable office

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If you are not working in a factory, farm, mine or as a fisherman there is a probability that you will work in an office as a clerk, as a manager or as a teacher in a school. In spite of the digitalization of the world and the overwhelming computational tasks that you will have to do during the day, there is and still a significant consumption of normal paper usage for different duties such as work trips, presentations, archives, data recording backup and so on. The today article is about the adoption of an eco-strategy at the professional level in order to achieve an everyday green office.

You are busy more than 40 hours a week per 365 days a year cycle excluding holiday time (always if you have any and enough) in the same place, for the same hours and with the same rhythm. That’s where you can find your second home surrounding from personal affections in your customized desktop and lives your second life full of successes, frustrations, fights and people you love or maybe you hate. Pile of papers on your table, clipboards sitting around you and pencils gathered somewhere or loose in some drawer. Bookings, assignments to corrects, tasks to do or huge data set to analyse and entry in the data base to then file them in paper form. Every day in the every life each one of us has to do its duties to save its own survival and ensure the functionality of this society in the best as it can.

In all this mess and play around with people, games, moves and decisions what we forget is all the waste that we produce just working for 8 hours in a day. How many tons of waste do you think we produce for a 60 floors skyscrapers with 20 office space each and thousands and thousands of people working there? Well, I think a lot… Fortunately, there are solutions that you can apply easily to your everyday working life routine that with a minimum effort can help the environment and therefore reduce your carbon footprint to improves your personal health.

Recycling products are here the strong point of this strategy simply because you can use these materials again, and again, and again, and again as same as you in your working day life. Think about how many things you can actually replace in your working daily life such as notebook, binder, binder pouch, pockets folders, CD sleeves, presentation folders and so on or in your break time like cups, plate and cutlery. Or maybe you are in some university or institution and you want the best and most convenient solution for you to have recycled goods for your students and at the same time offer them the best service that you can because is important for you a sustainable and green education. No problem… on the bottom of this article, you can find my banks details and you can transfer….. ahahah I just joking again, guys.

It’s easy than you think to apply this solution in your office space or maybe applies for your entire company. Just speak with your colleagues about it or simply write an email and listen what they think. If they agree with you just write down a letter or an email with all the signup of your colleagues asking to replace or at least to order the missing office equipment in the premise to your CEO or whoever is a charge of your section. In other words, make a simple petition for everybody and see what happened. Maybe you can help involuntary the company where you work in somehow because is more convenient for them and because you show an interest in others and for the company. It’s simple, right!? I hope to be useful for your daily life and I’ll see you until the next article. Peace.

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