The Unisolar Flexible Solar Panel VS the Tesla Solar Roof

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What I want to talk you about today is the comparison of two eco products already well known on the market with the residential application but made with different materials. The eco products selected is the Unisolar 128 Watt Flexible Solar Panel PV Laminate and the super newly ultimate solution for self-energy efficiency directly from the next Hi-Tech giant Tesla with its solar roof. Comfy? Smoothly and relaxed? Have you a cup of tea/coffee/mate’ or a fresh juice/beer on the table of your living room/bar/bedroom? So then, we can start the fight between those tough guys. Let’s the battle begin, babe!

Unisolar 128 Watt Flexible Solar Panel PV Laminate

The Unisolar Flexible Solar Panel is long 216 inch and wide 15.5 inches (for non-Americans 5.4 metre x 0.39 metre), have a super sticky property that best fit on metal surfaces for better performance and provides you with a connected cable 24 Volts of the power supply. The laminate allows an easy installation because of its light weight and you don’t need any supporting equipment to stand and keep fixed the Unisolar Flexible Panel. Over than that, its sticky property can achieve a resistance against an 185Mph (297 Kmh) wind power and because of its glass free you don’t have to worry about anything else regarding maintenance like breakage or similar (however, you got a 20 years warranty on the product which I think is not bad at all). Lastly, compared to their cousin’s silicon panel the Unisolar doesn’t change its performance under low light or hot climate conditions and the applications for this little gem can be different because of its rolling peel-and-stick easy to use.

Tesla Solar Roof

The next eco Hi-tech giant of the future after electric cars and massive storage batteries propose and ready to launch in the market its new and freshly solar roof. The concept idea is basically to replace the traditional tiles roof with a photovoltaic substrate covering from glass tiles to reconstruct the impression of the traditional roof (something similar to this). There are also available two colours that you can opt for your roof like grey and black (the Tuscany option will be available for 2018) and the 5/7 days installation of the apparatus is a full responsibility of Tesla Company. Regarding the cost of the technology, the price on the market as stated to $21.85 per square foot (0.09 square metres) and is defined cheaper than the traditional tile roof. Over than that, together with the Tesla solar roof, you will receive also a life time warranty on the product and a Tesla Powerwall 2.0 battery converter (the additional cost for that is $6.500) to run a full 100% renewable energy house.


  • The Tesla solar roof is a really good investment for middle-class families with a decent good house size but as well it is stated that is cheaper than the traditional roof I think that not everybody could afford that.

  • You have to calculate the size of your roof for the $21.85 plus the $6.500 Powerwall 2.0 battery converter which in the end is getting about probably to a big amount considering that an average American home size is about 2700 square feet (250 square metres).

  • Yes, you can probably choose to pay this big amount not just in one shot but by monthly instalments, however, you know, we have to pay also a mortgage.

  • The Unisolar flexible panel seems to me more an affordable solution for everybody that you can apply to different premises and situation.

  • I think that the main difference between those technologies is the asset on which they are designed for.

  • For example, with the Unisolar flexible panel you can play around and apply on your roof, van or boat, meanwhile, the Tesla solar roof has a fixed targeted mono use.


Both of the products are trustworthy and reliable because Tesla is a well international recognized brand and the Unisolar flexible panel is a technology already well tested from many satisfies consumers with many good reviews. However, the Tesla solar roof is a kind of offer packet targeting mostly families Meanwhile the Unisolar flexible panel is a more a DIY system that can be used and arranged as it fits best for you from an individual for its own business to also a family for their need. Of course, your home parameters and the geographical location of your residence are the main factors that influence your choice, plus how many money you want to spend.  A side of that, both of them are not really bad at all and I think that is worth to try out. I hope that this post helps you to make a decision that and for the rest have a nice week and see you until the next article.

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