The Trump Problem and the Venus Project

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This article under the Green Economy category is about to explain the differences between two classify individuals with opposite interests and concepts regarding the introduction of a complete conversion of a society with a Green economy. I took as a sample for my analysis the former USA president Donald J. Trump and the, unfortunately, pass away Jacque Fresco with its Venus Project. I chose them because they are completely different in their methodology thinking and objectives to achieve in their way to live life for their social status and economic possibilities.

Donald J. Trump

Donald J. Trump is the classic business man who thinks just about its own interests and he doesn’t care about anything else. From the beginning, he already lucky because he birthing in a wealthy family with already a successful activity in which he could already exploit for himself his richness and growth a brand already started from his family. As a classic business man is a hypocritical and fake person who sustain and believe in different things but in reality he doing the opposite. For example, he against immigration and believe first in the American people but he gets married to a couple of East European models much younger than him. As a business man it just capable to make money but he is in the politics. He doesn’t understand a hack of science but it retrieves the USA from the Paris agreement. In spite of all this is the fucking president of the United States of America.

Jacque Fresco

Jacque Fresco is a social engineering, design planner and futurist who never finish the high school but in spite of that, it was a self-tough who never give up in his philosophy and perspective of thinking. He working in laboratory research and the U.S army but unfortunately, he didn’t manage to have the approval for its projects. He didn’t come from a wealthy family and also he living a quite adventurous life. Has been criticised many times for his revolutionary idea on energy efficiency and futuristic society planning plus as well if it was called Doctor because he could have the same knowledge of a Doctor in engendering he never been recognized as a such from an Academy institution because without official certifications for proof it: in other words, because he didn’t pay for an education. A side of his publications he coming up with the Venus Project, a revolutionary futuristic social plan with the circular city and self-efficiency energy whose has been considerate from the most a utopia.

Differences and remarkable points

The most important and significant difference between these two types of subjects is the kind of idea they have to show to the public.

  • For example, Trump didn’t do any special thing in his life simply because its actions relay in something already happen and well know from the public (building hotels, appearances in the media and so on..).

  • In addition, what Trump primarily say is clearly understandable from the masses because unfortunately, the consciousness level is very low to the masses and therefore easier to manipulate and what he says is what the masses want to hear.

  • Meanwhile, Fresco is like a Nicola Tesla in the 19 century because what he said is not understandable from everybody, is completely new and therefore unknown and plus is not a person of power at all.

  • Again, Fresco doesn’t want to make a profit from it contrary to Trump and its politics.

  • Fresco doesn’t have any influence and therefore doesn’t have the consensus from the public and the consensus from the Academy.

  • Fresco didn’t need an official education in order to achieve its technical knowledge and to merit the title as a Doctor and this makes the university system questionable.

  • Trump, he get BSc in Economy to building hotels and get in TV-show plus he get awarded honorary doctors in different disciplines  in which don’t know a hack just because for its power and influence


In short, Fresco has presented ideas and concepts too far away from the contemporary human understanding and therefore he has never been accepted as a possible solution to the problem, meanwhile, Trump who is one of the most infamous individuals in the human history who I could compare with that other sun of bitch of Hitler, he get his success from his materialistic promises in a occurred reality that people need to hear. Unfortunately, there is always someone who wants to be superior to someone else and this is the greatest weakness of the mankind, like some people who prefer to fight between each other instead to learn from each other.  Finally, I leave you with a simple question,  “ who want to live in a society without money and who don’t want?” Thanks for reading and see you until the next article…..

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